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Once again, the famous “Think Green” program fills our lives with good moments

Once again, the famous “Think Green” program fills our lives with good moments

The logo that defined a popular era ‘Think carefully’, It returns to our lives to celebrate its 150th anniversary Heinekenthe brand that made it viral.

I don’t sell beerI’m selling “gezelligheid” (feeling of having a good time in Dutch). Freddy Heineken. He built a beer empire on the foundation of putting the good times first and on his iconic green bottle, giving rise to one of our country’s most iconic logos, the iconic ‘Think carefully.’ It was used in the brand’s communication campaigns between 1997 and 2009, and was created in Spain specifically for Spain, and represents a before and after in the brand’s positioning due to its sheer size. popularity And the social acceptance he gained.

The phrase “Think Green” became part of the “dictionary” of the time. “It rarely happens that it is a brand logo Exceed What is just an advertisement to be integrated like this tangible In life and in conversations,” he explains Veronica Sica, responsible for the Heineken® brand in Spain. Today, the company has restored this token Logo On the occasion of its 150th anniversary, “because it is still used in association with ‘happy times’ “And a different and positive way of seeing life,” Sika adds.

150th anniversary of Heineken® in Spain

Celebration events b 150th anniversary From Heineken® in Spain includes a communications campaign that brings back the famous logo and launches limited edition Of the bottles and cans that carry the phrase “Think Green” on their label.

The brand was officially born in 1873, when Gerard Heineken created beer of exceptional quality innovation for the time. His successors sought, with success, to prove that beer could be transmitted and transported to markets as far away as America and Asia. The strange thing is that he did not arrive Madrid Until 1961 and we had to wait until the 1980s and 1990s to be able to consolidate its expansion in Europe and in our country, where it finally settled in 2000 when the company was established. Heineken Spainwhich today has four Factories All consumable items are manufactured here.

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Plan in Amsterdam

The in-depth history of Heineken® can be discovered in the place where the brand was born, in Amsterdam, through Visit Guided by you factory In the heart of the city. Tour – A plan available to anyone who wants to know strange things such as a bottle changing color after it is born or an exclusive discovery yeast Heineken®, which is still part of the original recipe today, allows you to discover museum pieces, enjoy tastings and immersive virtual experiences, and finish the experience with a beer in one of the city’s liveliest bars. Tickets to delve into the origins of Heineken® can be purchased at this site.

Good times indicator

But how do you measure what is the right time? Marking a turning point in the brand’s history, Heineken® decided to take another step forward in its way of measuring success and created the “Good Moments Index”, in collaboration with a behavioral scientist. Chris Brewer, Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, In the London university.

This is a leading measurement model that will make a contribution Brand In creating the perfect conditions to generate good moments. By combining human behavior analysis and research, the index has identified five basic conditions people need Globally To live good moments, including openness, inclusiveness, and human connection.

“When we got to this projectWe realized that understanding what constitutes a good time required a fresh, new perspective. In collaboration with Heineken®, we have worked to better understand the multiple dimensions that make up this feeling and methods that are being tried today. Good times are not just one thing or another, they are many things feelingsexpertise, Wishes And different needs. There has never been a more important time or opportunity to measure the role and ubiquity of good times in our lives, so I’m excited to see a brand like Heineken® taking serious steps to ensure this feeling is better understood and empowered.gezelligheid“The doctor says. Chris Brower.

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