May 27, 2022

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El séptimo cielo de O'Sullivan

O’Sullivan’s Seventh Heaven

20 seconds per ball, 18 frames and the ability to place the white ball on the supernatural boundary. This is how it will go for sure On snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan. El Cohete won the World Cup for the seventh time at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield and tied the titles with Scotsman Hendry. This was the mole that was left The debate over whether Rooney, 46, is the best ever. It has already been deleted. It’s bigger.

O’Sullivan’s victim was fellow Englishman Judd Trump (18-13), a perfectionist who makes impossible shots. They both trained together for a while. They know each other very well. And Trump himself knows that when O’Sullivan is inspired, he can’t be stopped. Trump admitted that “Rooney is getting better, his determination is increasing. He never misses the balls.”

It happened between Sunday and Monday in four sessions at the Crucible. The missile flew. He stumbled only on Monday mornings, but by afternoon he seemed in a hurry to finish his jacket-jacket snooker legends. Perfect and smooth balls better locations. little error. Trump has been tempered with less sensitive blows.

Ronnie O’Sullivan, during the final against Trump.

And so the controversial O’Sullivan comes out to be the greatest. He is known for his difficult moments His blasts against his rivals, the judges… I went on a spin with referee Olivier Martel about the ball’s location in the final (Rooney said he’s “just looking for trouble”). But the truth is that when the World Cup comes, Rooney turns. He’s 200% focused, realizing only his chalk and his seriousness is perfect for drawing his magic.

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Loot 500,000 pounds and more records

Thus, with £500,000 added to his checking account, he left Into the gutter for Gilbert, Allen, Maguire, Higgins and finally the good Trump, the 32-year-old called Future Dominator. But the greatest now is O’Sullivan, With all kinds of World Cup records: He’s the one with the most wins, most hundreds, biggest frame won and of course the fastest 147 (perfect run): 5:08.

“These stats don’t really matter to me much,” O’Sullivan said, while always obsessing over Hendry’s equation of seven titles. He already has. He won the tiebreak because Rooney had 21 Grand Slam titles to the Scots’ 18.

The players with the most Grand Slam titles

Total player Globalism gentlemen England is open
Twenty one Ronnie O’Sullivan (Ing) 7 7 7
18 Stephen Hendry (Sc) 7 6 5
9 John Higgins (Sc) 4 two 3
9 Mark Selby (Engineer) 4 3 two

An angry O’Sullivan sometimes wept passionately in the crucible with his two sons in his arms. “I handled it very well, I didn’t play well when I wanted to get things doneSo I decided to enjoy my game and let snooker decide”, said El Cohete, who realized: “No one can be perfect and you have to learn to live with mistakes.”

21 years between the first and last World Cup

“Everything is the result of many hours of training, practice and matches played,” explained the more mature O’Sullivan who added his title. For contracts 2001, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2020. Titles are between three different contracts. He became a professional in 1992. Now he is the oldest.

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Will he go to the eighth World Cup finals? “I don’t have goals, I just want to enjoy snooker. But yes I will probably try it next year. This was very difficult mentally. I’m tired. It’s time to rest now.”“I was just a kid going to snooker rooms with my dad and now I’m a legend,” O’Sullivan closed.