May 23, 2022

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Federico Paulos revealed his health problem: 'He's on the right track'

Federico Paulos revealed his health problem: ‘He’s on the right track’

columnist F90 (ESPN), Federico BolosOn Monday, he explained why it was worth using his glasses. As the rapporteur and the journalist explained in the presentation of the programs with F12passesA cure that takes a few days, but is on the right trackBut he indicated that this does not prevent him from doing his job.

Request from drivers Sebastian Vignolo s Mariano Close“Al-Aswad” gave more details about the disease that afflicted him. “It was a bit of a leak which lasted a few days,” he emphasized with regard to his right eye. He explained at the same time: “I see it flawless“.

In the meantime, take the opportunity to congratulate the professional treating him, and list the details of the conversation they had. Greetings to ophthalmologist Ignacio. The guy made sure this wasn’t contagious. I want the eye to have ten points, no it doesn’t spread. Plus it’s not contagious.”

It all started when Chicken warned his colleague: “Black, terrible. I’m watching you. He’s backing down on you, right?He said regarding the eye. Of course: Last week Paul presented the same difficulty, which is why he missed the session for a few days. Last week, upon his return, he said the use of the glasses was due to “some harassment” he had been exposed to, while Chicken said it was a “mistake”. His colleagues even jokingly said, in this way, that the narrator physically resembles the political leader. Robert Feletti.

Federico BolosESPN capture

In order to encourage his partner, Vignolo emphasized that, in any case, he has no problem identifying players when he reports. “The players see them well. Well, Negrito, I heard you that day, and you recounted very well.” He congratulated him on the account of the match they had. Students (LP) s Aldosifi Last Friday on one a joke..the former football player Oscar Ruggeri He said to him as he narrates:Whoever passes on the right is baked because he does not lets see.

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