August 14, 2022

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"Our priority is your health and safety"

“Our priority is your health and safety”

Britney Grenier, one of the stars of the World Basketball Association and the American Basketball Association, is still detained in Russia Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver spoke last night about teaming up with his counterpart Kathy Engelbert to try to bring the 31-year-old home as soon as possible.

The president of US Men’s Competition, the parent company of the Women’s League, has commented on the steps the entity has taken to try to resolve the situation of Phoenix Mercury member Greiner.

“We’ve been in contact with the White House and the State Department and the kidnapping of negotiators, We’ve talked to every level of government as well as to the private sector,” Silver explained in an interview ahead of the 2022 draft lottery. “Our number one priority is his health and safety and making sure he can leave Russia.”

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, contact with the player remains irregular, a situation inconsistent with the Vienna Convention to which Russia is attributed. According to a consular official, Greiner has “And it can also be expected under these adverse conditions.” arrested in Russia.

The player was arrested at an airport for allegedly carrying a vaping device with cannabis oil cartridges. Last week, Russia extended Griner’s pretrial detention by a month prior to his trial.

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