June 12, 2024

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Our trusted tipster has disappointing news for Bloodborne fans

Our trusted tipster has disappointing news for Bloodborne fans

The long-awaited return Bloodborne It has been rumored in recent years, but the project has not been confirmed. Despite this, fans of the IP are not giving up hope, but there is bad news, as the wait may be longer and even eternal.

In recent days, new information has emerged about the supposed new project of Bloodborne. The leak indicated that the title would not be a remake, but rather a remaster coming to PlayStation 5 (without mentioning anything about a potential PC port). The leaker also estimated that the project will be ready in 2025 to coincide with the anniversary of the original game.

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¿Bloodborne Will it return with a remake in 2025?

The above impressed fans, especially since the information came from a reliable source, I’m a Hero, and with a high accuracy rate. However, not everything is as it seems.

We say this because apparently the person who revealed this information on Snitch’s Discord server was someone pretending to be an “I’m a hero too” scammer, okay.

I’m a real hero too who didn’t sit idly by, he went to reddit and created an account (TheRealImAHeroToo) to filter from now on via this platform and no longer ResetEra or any other means because it was “too risky” and on reddit you can do it anonymously which is a “shared account with other informants.”

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Bad news for fans Bloodborne However, the informant took the opportunity to deny the information provided in his name and to clarify that he does not have any information about Sony, so any rumor about the company’s plans regarding him does not have his support.

It is important to remember this, despite the surrounding rumors Bloodborne It has not yet become a reality, the series will already celebrate its tenth anniversary in 2015, and it is possible that PlayStation will prepare a project to celebrate it.

We will keep you informed.

Fans will continue to wait for Bloodborne's return
Fans will continue to wait for Bloodborne’s return

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Bloodborne Available on PlayStation 4. You can learn more about it by visiting its profile or checking out our written review.

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