June 23, 2024

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Pacquiao valora la revancha contra Ugas.

Pacquiao, about Ugas: “I can’t believe one of my easiest opponents did that to me.”

Leftovers from the fighting between Manny Pacquiao and Yordenis Ugas It is still active. There is still much talk about the defeat of the Filipinos. It is not less than that. He is a legend and as such transcends everything he does. PacMan showed a decline in performance in the ring clear compared to their previous fight (July 2019 vs Thurman). With 42 years on, time seems to have caught the Filipinos. Although, after the battle, Pacquiao didn’t want his fingers to be attached to his future and still didn’t want to.I withdrew 60-40 in favor of leaving him.”, He said.

This is the last we heard from him until he broke his silence at Athletic. It was clear: he was surprised by his defeat. “Throughout my career, Ugas has been one of the easiest opponents. I only had one technique and it should have been easy for me. You’ve seen how I move in my battles. I couldn’t do it. My legs stopped me. TheOr am I going to think because I can’t believe one of my easier competitors did that to me“, pointed out.

In that same interview, Pacquiao drops the January 2022 date for a potential rematch. For this to happen, many factors have to be seen. AndThe main thing is yes, in the fight contract a rematch was stipulated. In the absence of the list, the lawsuit against Errol Spence (he was shot at the end of the fight) for Ugas might be more profitable. Secondly, PacMan plans to run for the presidential elections in May 2022 in the Philippines. If he’s fallen behind on the January date, it’s because he thinks he’ll have time to do both, but only time will tell if he is. For now, the legend continues to ponder.

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Outside of legal matters, it looks like Ugas might forget another name if PacMan wanted to. “He is a legend and a great boxer.He is a man of honor loved by all. If you want revenge, I will gladly give it to you. I still admire and respect him for everything he did in and out of the ring.”