June 20, 2024

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Luminaria Tales, Bandai Namco's new RPG, is coming to iOS and Android

Luminaria Tales, Bandai Namco’s new RPG, is coming to iOS and Android

Bandai Namco Yesterday during Gamescom 2021 announced a new installment of the saga Tales For Android and iOS devices. Luminaire tales, the name given to this unpublished chapter within the Japanese role-playing saga, will focus only on the gameplay that this type of mobile device allows and is set in A whole new world within the saga. While we already enjoyed the first preview that came with its presentation which you have below, the details of its release date are unknown at the moment.

If the name Luminaire tales It looked old to you, you’re not entirely wrong. At the end of last year we repeated it Bandai Namco haba registrado name of Luminaire tales In Europe, a fact led to the confirmation of this new delivery. Despite the fact that the first preview shown was very brief in terms of very specific details, we had the opportunity to take a first look at Technical department care, which follows an aesthetic very similar to that of deliveries to desktop consoles, and combat system, which appears to be inherited entirely from his older siblings.

Tales of Arise will be released next September

Members Tales We are lucky, as Tales of Arise, the next installment to release this September 10 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, has also received new information in recent days regarding new characters We can meet her during the adventure. Obviously, this new episode seeks Updated mechanics and graphics without betraying the epic essence of design and development; This can also cause some aspects to appear outdated, the most obvious being the lack of physical contact between parts of the map and the interior parts due to intermediate loads – but if nothing is distorted, it could be One of the best RPG of the year: Fun, with charismatic characters and an amazing environment”, we detail in impressions.

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