July 14, 2024

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Dialogue in Venezuela represents the failure of Guaido’s coup agenda – Prensa Latina

Dialogue in Venezuela represents the failure of Guaido’s coup agenda – Prensa Latina

According to researcher at the Institute, Samuel Robinson, the memorandum of understanding signed in Mexico between the parties participating in the talks has important political meanings, the first of which is that the actors get to know each other.

This document considers, literally and by default, the so-called Provisional Government to be buried; The expert emphasized that the dialogue should be understood as a capitulation to Guaido after the failure of his main proposals on force, such as stopping rape and a transitional government.

He also stressed that the meanings of the Memorandum of Understanding come with the Declaration of Dialogue, whose agreements must be formulated in the provisions of the Venezuelan Constitution.

In this sense, the talks can only lead to political decisions in line with the Charter of the South American Nation, which can define in advance the actors and goals they bring to the negotiating table.

On August 13, the government of Venezuela and the so-called Unified Platform of the Opposition signed the Memorandum of Understanding that will govern the negotiations in Mexico, which was developed with mediation from Norway and with the support of Russia and the Netherlands.

The talks will seek to finalize agreements in the area of ​​political rights, electoral guarantees and a timetable for monitored elections.

Similarly, the parties will address the lifting of unilateral coercive measures implemented against Venezuela, the restoration of the right to assets, the renunciation of violence and response to its victims, and guarantees of implementation, monitoring and verification of the agreement.

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