July 14, 2024

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Julio Iglesias admits his true health

Julio Iglesias admits his true health

Julio Iglesias has been the subject of persistent rumors in recent months questioning the true state of his physical health And even last year, he was forced to explain that he barely got out because he “panicked about COVID-19.” However, the pictures published on social networking sites, which showed that he suffers from great difficulties in walking, raised this Big alert for an alleged deterioration in the artist’s condition Once again he came out of speculation and took the opportunity to remember the horrific incident he had experienced when he was young.

The singer published a wide message on his personal account on Instagram with a photo that dates back to a period a little later than the one he had dreamed of making, for many years, against Real Madrid. however, There was an accident waiting for him that brought him to the brink of death and he still suffers from it to this day: “The sticks I was walking on were behind the wall. I was 19 years old when I found myself one day in a hospital almost dead with little hope of recovery. Here in this picture I was going to be 21, I’ve been recovering for two years, I’ve been swimming 6 or 7 hours a day until I couldn’t take any more, and that’s when I started writing songs,” I said.

“A year later, I went for the first time with two sticks to study English at Ramsgate in the county of Kent. I returned to Spain at Christmas, but I was already walking with one stick (…). In this photo I was slowly recovering from the accident. My soul and head gave me enough strength to continue living. He was a natural athlete and it definitely helped me a lot in my recovery. I never stopped learning, and what’s more, I think I learned to learn and learning was the most important thing that happened to me all this long way.”

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More pain, less strength

The artist continues to detail the constant pain he still suffers and admits that the energy is not what it was when he was 20 years old, but understands that he is just like someone his age. “Of course my back hurts like it always does, of course I have less strength than I did before. Logically speaking, I would be 78 and a great athlete could not even be asked to play sports at 78 in the same way he did at 20,” he stated.

“I have a wonderful family and a woman I love with all my soul. Sometimes I hear them say and say that if I’m wrong, there are many things that are quite uncertain. I’m too old to be, and if I had to tell the story of my life, no one would ever tell it better than me.. By the way, I will say it. Thanks a million to those who believe in me. Nobody knows one’s life better than themselves, and it’s what you have done in life that really matters.” Closer to Possible.