December 4, 2023

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Pakistan blames the United States for the complex border situation

Pakistan blames the United States for the complex border situation

Interim Prime Minister Anwarul Haq Kakar said, in an interview with a private television channel reported by the Associated Press of Pakistan, that terrorist groups are now better equipped and pose a threat not only to Pakistan, but also to China and other countries. program).

He added that the United States should have handed over the arms stockpile responsibly, but there had been a hasty withdrawal of its forces, and there was currently no clarity on who owned the supplies.

Kakar believed that Pakistan is using negotiations and the use of force against armed groups as tools to deal with the problem and achieve a peaceful social order.

He reiterated that Afghanistan’s stability, prosperity and peace are linked to his country’s stability and prosperity.

On the other hand, he promised to develop a government plan to solve the problem of high electricity bill prices, which is sparking protests throughout the country.

He stressed that short, medium and long-term plans will be developed to solve the problem and begin reforms in the energy sector.

He stated that this resource would also be provided with the aim of improving the service which, in his opinion, is in the clutches of speculators and is marred by inefficiency.

Kakar stressed that the Ministry of Finance will make recommendations to provide assistance to vulnerable groups in society.

Regarding the protests against high prices, the Prime Minister considered that there is a segment of society suffering from this problem, but he rejected the extremist political and social positions, considering that they do not benefit the people.

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He noted that economic conditions in Pakistan were affected by obligations to international financial institutions and electricity companies, which the country must respect.

Kakar also stressed that in addition, failures in the electricity sector, generation and transmission system are serious.

Likewise, he revealed that privatization of government sector entities, including Pakistan International Airlines, is on the government’s agenda and is being worked on.

He said that the temporary powers are a continuation of the constitutional order, and that he will not remain in office after the end of his term.

He explained that the Election Commission will announce the date of the elections in accordance with the country’s law, but the higher judiciary, after listening to legal experts, can decide on the elections.