November 28, 2023

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Panama’s livestock and dairy sectors are suffering millions of dollars in losses

Panama’s livestock and dairy sectors are suffering millions of dollars in losses

Panama City, November 7 (Prensa Latina) The impossibility of transporting livestock to slaughterhouses or storing fresh milk at processing and receiving plants caused losses of more than $7.5 million per week in Panama today, local media La Prensa reported.

The situation caused by fuel shortages and road closures due to protests against the mining contract has affected the presence of these products in the markets of this capital and in some areas of Chiquiri and Bocas del Toro.

Ovidio Saavedra, president of the National Association of Cattle Breeders (Anagan), explained that in the case of cattle breeding, they have stopped grazing more than half of the cattle daily, equivalent to about 545 heads of cattle.

He pointed out that about 491 heads of livestock are processed daily in private and municipal centers, equivalent to 108 tons of meat, but about 120 tons of meat remain in the fields.

He also warned that although producers are not increasing prices, there is speculation at the consumer level and in the informal market.

In the case of a dairy business, continuity of production hangs by a thread. Anthony Martinez, head of communications at leading dairy company Estrella Azul, described that fresh milk collection centers are full, and tankers cannot reach production areas to search for the product, which is missing.

Martinez added: Two weeks have passed without any of our tankers being able to reach the Pueblo Nuevo factory, which is choking the entire production, as it will not be possible to collect 80,000 liters of milk per day from small producers.

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He also pointed out that the economic situation of small producers who depend on these sectors is worsening day after day.