April 22, 2024

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Parents optimistic about Mane Machado's injury

Parents optimistic about Mane Machado’s injury

The San Diego team was positive in the days following the stunning fall of the third baseman in the Dominican Republic, as he twisted his left ankle.

Two days after his injury that alerted San Diego PadresAnd the Mane MachadoAnd while he’s in pain, the team said, he’s in good shape.

This was revealed by the interim team leader, Ryan Flahertywho covers the position Bob Melvin While on the list of people disabled by COVID-19. according to Flaherty Despite the pain and swelling, the third man’s position is fine, given the circumstances.

He has some purple in there (on the left ankle), But overall it moves well and feels good. He’s not in the starting lineup tonight. Regardless, I think there is a fair amount of optimism‘,” the leader told the media, before the start of the match on Monday parents against Arizona Diamondbacks.

However, despite the optimism that may exist within the team, no one knows exactly how much time the third base officer will waste. Although the x-rays were negative for the broken bones, the player could go into the disabled list. The group will have to make a decision in the next few days as to whether or not to place Machado On the disabled list, depending on the medical observations that prove and in the best case, he can return sometime within ten days after the injury.

(Manny Machado) He takes care of his body and has the ability to recover very quickly. Mane heals quickly“, he added Flaherty Speaking of expectations that the Dominicans are wasting too much time or not.

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With this injury, the star of both teams. Machado s Fernando Tates Jr.due to injury, with no indication of when they will join the team again.

in the meantime, Machado Still one of the nominees for the award Most Valuable Player subordinate National Leagueaveraging .328, twelve Homer and 46 RBIs, of which he was charged with a crime San Diego in absence Tates Junior And lead the vote between the third bassin for “ancient circle” for him star game from this year.