July 2, 2022

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AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000, New Solutions for Robotics

AMD Ryzen Embedded R2000, New Solutions for Robotics

AMD provided a file Ryzen Embedded R2000a new generation of SoCs specifically designed and optimized to meet the needs of a variety of Industrial systems, including from robotics to artificial vision, the Internet of Things and the “thin client”. Compared to the previous generationThe Ryzen Embedded R2000 represents a significant quantitative and qualitative leap.

Ryzen Embedded R2000 integrates CPUs based on Zen + architecture It was manufactured on the 12 nm node, while the previous generation models came with Zen cores based on the 14 nm node. This means that the new Ryzen Embedded R2000 not only has more powerful processors, but is also more efficient, doubling that maximum number of cores, since they are available in configurations of up to 4 cores and 8 threads.

Ryzen Embedded R2544 is the most powerful chip in this new generation. It has a quad-core CPU and 8 threads with a base frequency of 3.35GHz, and it has TDP configurable from 35 to 54 W It comes with 4 megabytes of L3 cache. Below is the Ryzen Embedded R2514, which maintains the same configuration as the previous one but runs at 2.1GHz and has TDP is configurable from 12 to 35 watts.

The range is closed by Ryzen Embedded R2314, which has 4 cores and 4 threads at 2.1GHz and TDP from 12 to 35W, and Ryzen Embedded R2312, whose CPU consists of 2 cores and 4 threads at 2.7GHz, has a TDP From 12 to 25 watts. All models are accompanied by a file Integrated Radeon GPU with 8 graphics cores In the most powerful models, 6 graphics cores in the medium model and 3 graphics cores in the Ryzen Embedded R2312.

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Ryzen Embedded R2000 Series supports memory DDR4 is configured in dual channel with a maximum speed of 3200 GHzallow contact Up to 4 screens 4K resolution, PCIe Gen3 compliant, works seamlessly with Windows 10, Windows 11 and Linux Ubuntu LTS, has enterprise-grade security features, and will be available for 10 years.

Currently, AMD has confirmed that the Ryzen Embedded R2544 and Ryzen Embedded R2514 will hit the market in October 2022. The Ryzen Embedded R2314 and Ryzen Embedded R2312 are currently in production, which means that their release will take place in a few months. We don’t have an exact date yet, but everything seems to indicate that they will arrive in the first quarter of 2023, provided everything goes according to plan.