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Parliament monitors and Ecuador's ombudsman is fired (+ photo)

Parliament monitors and Ecuador’s ombudsman is fired (+ photo)

September 15, 2021, 2:30 AM
Quito, September 15 (Prensa Latina) The political trial against Ecuador’s Ombudsman, Freddy Carrion, concluded today, with the approval of his censor and his dismissal in a lengthy debate in the National Assembly.

The process took more than 15 hours, and was framed in the 726th session, which complied with all steps stipulated in the constitution.

With 136 members of the council present and only one absent, 75 lawmakers voted in favor of the motion that proposed punishing the official, while 47 opposed it and 14 abstained.

The day was marked by an intense debate, based on the interventions of Ricardo Vanegas (Pachakotic) and Jesina Guamani (Democratic Left), who revealed the motives behind seeking prosecution for non-compliance with Jobs.

According to the respondents and the report of the oversight body, there were violations of the law of the Board of Grievances and the Basic Law of the Public Service, in addition to other violations related to human rights by causing bodily harm to a person, as shown in the videos, in the documentation and testimonies.

Facts such as the misuse of the assets of the Ombudsman’s office was one of the reasons indicated, in addition to the criminal case against the director for the alleged sexual abuse committed last May, while visiting the home of former Minister of Public Health Mauro Falcone, in the middle of the curfew was arranged to prevent the spread of Covid- 19.

In this regard, they supported the proposed Assembly members from the Democratic Left, the Christian Social Party, the Council of National Accord (BAN), which includes the Krio and the Independents, and the divided Plurinational Unity Movement Pachakotik.

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For its part, the coalition’s progressive body, the Union of Hope (UNES), rejected this measure.

In this sense, Viviana Fellowes, on behalf of UNES, confirmed the existence of violations in the process against Carrón, in order to defend the authorities that violated the rights of Ecuadoreans.

In addition to his censure and dismissal, it was proposed to refer the indictment file to the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the General Police Command to initiate a special examination for the misuse of public property and resources during the fiscal year of the post and to determine the responsibilities.

Multiple views agree that the former official was a victim of political persecution for his conviction of crimes against humanity committed during 11 consecutive days of national protest against the national government, in October 2019.

On this case, in his right of defense during the plenary session, the defendant insisted: “I denounced by the State that this was the background to all the kind of persecution that began against me, for I was the one who dared to question. power and denial.

Likewise, he accused his interrogators and the assembly’s first vice president, Virgilio Sakesella, of seeking “distributions” in the ombudsman’s office, behind this political control mechanism.

For his part, his wife, Priscilla Chetini, warned that with their vote parliamentarians could legitimize procedural fraud due to false police reports, among other irregularities.

He warned that it was “a trap, an offer to bring down the ombudsman for the October 2019 events.”

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For Sophia Espen, of UNES, the political store voted consistently, in disagreement with persecution, which was supplemented by sanctions.

Among those who did not support Pachakotik’s proposal was Salvador Quichepe, who said in his appearance: “It is clear here: this accusation relates to the report that includes crimes against humanity against the rulers of the previous period.”

A vote for segregation or censorship would be tantamount to getting rid of this report and we are not here for it, we are going to prove our struggle, this struggle for respect for dignity.

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