July 1, 2022

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PEF 2022 does not include the resources needed to decentralize health

PEF 2022 does not include the resources needed to decentralize health

Ministry of Health Acapulco

In Guerrero there will be the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government. Today in the morning I took the floor to the governor, who offered me a new building which they had built; “They will donate it so that the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Republic works there, here in Acapulco,” Lopez Obrador said since October 3, 2018.

The Minister of Health renewed his gratitude to former Governor Astudillo.

“I would like to thank you for your hospitality, and your dedicated support of the Federal Government to deliver this smart building to fulfill the President’s commitment to decentralizing not only the Ministry of Health, but the rest of the Federal Government ministers said last October 3 during a visit to the smart building.”

Alcocer Varela got to know all the people who would be from Acapulco and “become a Guerrero” and alluded to a few words from Vicente Guerrero when they questioned his loyalty: “My country is first” to recognize those who accept his change.

Since October 3, about 100 people have joined, including incumbents, general managers, district managers, trusted people of middle and senior managers, and people at the grassroots level who voluntarily requested in the first phase.

They include the chief undersecretary for prevention and health promotion, Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Marco Vinicio Gallardo Enriquez, of the Administration and Finance Unit, and Juan Ferrer of Insabi, who currently works from an office in the Guadalupe neighborhood. In, in Alvaro Obregon.

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