June 23, 2024

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Persona 3 Reload presents a new trailer dedicated to Yukari Takeba

Persona 3 Reload presents a new trailer dedicated to Yukari Takeba

Atlus has debuted a new trailer for its film Character update 3new edition of Personality 3Which features the character Yukari Takeba. This modern version of JRPG It will arrive on February 2 on PlayStation, PC and Xbox – including its debut on Xbox Game Pass.

Although it was released recently Persona 3 portablea remake of the PSP game, which in turn was modified and made changes to the original PlayStation 2 game, Reloading It is more inspired by the look and feel the way of playing to Personality 5. We can expect more immersive exploration, redesigned graphics, a revamped battle system, and other improvements. This has been confirmed, after many rumours, along with spin off Persona 5 Tactics.

The negative note for many fans is that it will not be the final version of the game in terms of content. Persona 3 Fez, Persona 3 portable And now Character update 3 Make changes regarding Personality 3but None include all improvements. For example, Persona 3 Fez The story expanded, while the handhelds provided the heroine with subtle changes in her perspective. Here you can find our analysis of The version whose greatest contribution was the translation into Spanish.

The hidden hour is midnight

“She is stunning, beautiful, elegant and impressive in the same way as she was before Personality 5; “It has the same aesthetics, but changing the red color to blue, maintaining the incredible symbolism of Part III.” After trying Character update 3 At Gamescom. “If we wanted to be great, we would have liked them to embrace their fresh visual style in this remake instead of focusing so much on the most popular part of the saga, but still… It’s a wonder“.

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