May 19, 2022

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Peru: the great homeland, the Spanish fields

Peru: the great homeland, the Spanish fields

Two historical events are remembered in recent days in Our America, this concept identified by Simón Bolívar, postulated by José Martí and endorsed by José Carlos Mariátegui.

  • Peru: the great homeland.

America today is the great country Which our elders dreamed of, and will become reality through the unity and strength of the peoples. We note the defeat of the mercenary invasion of Girón Beach, recorded in Cuba in April 1961; And to the victory of the Venezuelan people, who, on April 13, 2002, spoiled the attempted fascist coup d’état of the oligarchy in Caracas, which was determined to overthrow the government of leader Hugo Chávez.

Two episodes of undeniable significance left a clear imprint on the conscience of millions of Latin Americans. They also demonstrated the fighting ability of peoples who usually emerge victorious when confronted with the aggressiveness of reactionary forces bent on cutting off the paths of liberation.

It is clear that in these two cases the peoples struggled for a just cause, an essential basis for any victory. But they emphasized the idea that a just cause was not enough for success. That it is necessary, in addition to possessing the indispensable force to break the resistance of the enemy, and the imposition of that cause.

Both episodes were the highest point in the class confrontation, in processes that have marked the history of our continent. This must be taken into account especially by those who believe that social changes can be made on the basis of ‘talking tables’ and ‘agreement’.

In Cuba, Playa Giron She decisively contributed to defining the socialist character of the revolution and exposing the pernicious meaning of North American politics. John F. Kennedy – the “Great Democrat” – was commissioned by the Pentagon and his country’s CIA, and had no qualms about reporting an operation that brought death to all of America; and what was He answers and is defeated by a people in arms

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In Venezuela, business groups and traditional parties have been displaced from power the will of the citizen; They sought to restore their privileges and restore a social order that was crumbling, buried by the will of millions of workers from the countryside and the city. Caracas was the scene of a crucial competition.

In which, Mobilize citizens, determine the fate of the social processto. These two experiences – Cuba and Venezuela, to which it is necessary to add Nicaragua – are the mirror of our time.

Cuba preserved its flag relentlessly thanks to the courage and dignity of its peoplebut also because there is a wise and consistent leadership at the helm.

With More than 60 years under the US embargoIt is evident in the world today that millions of men and women have joined Cuba. But also the hatred of the cliques that are now playing the drums of war again using Nazism as an ideology and an ongoing practice.

In our country, that hatred is expressed by the coup mafia that puts the Cuban diplomatic representation in its sights. In fact, they have already registered against the Cuban Embassy in Lima, hateful “seedlings” ignited by a press campaign led by spokesmen for the most reactionary right, bent on attacking the ambassador of the Caribbean homeland, whom they seek to discredit with impunity.

It should be noted that this attack “does not spread” because it is based on lies and goes against the will of the people.

The situation is similar with Venezuela. In the homeland of Andres Bello, a normalization experiment is taking place in various spheres of civic life. The “media” can no longer speak of a “deep crisis” or show any sign of backwardness or misery. After overcoming the blockade and sanctions imposed by the Yankee government, Venezuela is reborn.

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Even the White House today tends to relations with the Miraflores Palace to obtain oilThat he could not ask Guaido to do so, and that he would have to address it with the national government and President Maduro.

It is good that we learn these lessons in our country. We live in a period of intense class struggle. The coup d’état seeking to destroy the popular government elected in June of last year is gaining traction in the media – and not only in it.

The effects of the crisis are used, some relating to the neoliberal “burden” imposed on the country by Fujimorism and which was meekly applied by subsequent governments; and others as a result of the “sanctions” promoted by the US government against the Russian Federation in the context of the military conflict on the Ukrainian territory, which severely affected the prices of fuel, wheat and fertilizers; But they also exploit the shortcomings of the popular movement and the government’s weaknesses and mistakes.

today, The resignation or removal of the president in one way or another is an immediate target of the reaction. It does not care about the country or the population. I’ve spent the past eight months, Seeking to overthrow the President of the Republic or censor his ministers, in the midst of a pervasive campaign of attacks, assaults or insults; Today, she sings victory, encouraged by a constitutional accusation.

Objectively speaking, the president did not grant a truce and did not allow him to carry out his government administration.

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Now, more than ever, people need to join forces against coup in any form. The government has a duty to correct mistakes and bypass restrictions of all kinds.

Here, too, the fate of the great homeland is at stake.