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Petition seeking to extend the support period

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A non-profit organization called on Microsoft to Extended support time for Windows 10. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Technology urged This version of the operating system has not been discontinued since then The consequences for the environment will be catastrophic..

This was revealed by Lucas Guterman, head of the campaign More than 400 million Windows 10 PCs cannot be updated to Windows 11. This means that 43% of PCs will be left adrift once support ends on October 14, 2025.

“Microsoft abandoning Windows 10 may cause more PCs to become obsolete than any other action ever taken,” said Lukas Guterman. “The company has set ambitious environmental goals, but the impact of this decision threatens to derail its progress.” According to the expert, the manufacture of these devices It has already produced 46 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The person behind the campaign mentions other attempts by Microsoft to expand support for earlier versions of Windows, such as XP. “Windows XP users received security updates for 13 years. Even when support ended, it still ran on 30% of PCs worldwide.

One of the advantages of Windows 10 is its backward compatibility, which, combined with hardware requirements, has allowed many computers to migrate without problems.

“Forcing the transition to Windows 11 is bad for the planet.”

One of PIRG’s priorities is Promoting the right to reform. The groups that make up the network are working with lawmakers and companies to allow users to get their devices repaired without a warranty. this It would help reduce the amount of electronic waste generated every year.

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he The call to Microsoft is about this issue It requests an extension of support for Windows 10.

Dear Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft,

Don’t throw away millions of computers. The decision to end support for Windows 10 could cause the largest increase in the number of abandoned PCs to date, and prevent Microsoft from meeting its sustainability goals. The stringent hardware requirements of a new version of the operating system can cause up to 40% of PCs in use to lag behind.

Microsoft’s decision to stop supporting millions of computers running in our hospitals, businesses, and homes is a tough deal for customers who expect their expensive machines to last.

“All programs reach a point where they are no longer compatible, but when the consequences to our environment are so great, we should not accept them.”

Lucas Guterman traveled to Microsoft’s offices in Redmond, Washington, to deliver 20,000 signatures supporting the petition, which were later sent in electronic format.

A graph showing the percentage of users of all versions of Windows
Photo: Statcounter

Even though it has been on the market for two years. Windows 11 couldn’t boot as Microsoft expected. According to Statcounter’s numbers, the latest version of the operating system is installed on 20.28% of computers. In contrast, Windows 10 has 71.6% market sharemaintaining a stable trend throughout 2023.

Latest version of Support for Windows 10 (22H2) will end on October 14, 2025. This includes Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions. It is difficult to predict whether Microsoft will extend the date or reduce the hardware requirements for Windows 12.

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