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Phrases to Commemorate Nurses Day on May 12

Phrases to Commemorate Nurses Day on May 12

The Nurse’s Day It is one of the most important dates for medical professionals, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is why here we share some of the expressions It will help you show all the gratitude and appreciation you feel for those health workers who are on the front lines of the fight, take note!

at Truth news We reveal that on May 12 this special date is celebrated in Mexico, but worldwide it is celebrated worldwide with the title International Nursing Day.

We have already told you about deserved honor for his work; However, now we are going to tell you the phrases that you can dedicate to these professionals to make them have a very interesting time in their day.

Why January 6th Nurses Day?

It was Jose Castro Villagrana, director of the Hospital Juarez de Mexico, who created this date in 1931 to recognize all nurses in the country, but as of 2021, the Ministry of Health has indicated that from 2021 it will be celebrated every 12 May.

Congratulations to all nurses

Phrases to Commemorate Nurses Day on May 12

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  1. You have chosen Nursing as your profession which is more admirable at this time and requires a lot from you.
  2. I learned with you that being a nurse is an angel in patients’ lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulate you on your life!
  3. Superheroes exist in real life, I know because you are one of them, you are an amazing nurse who fights diseases and illnesses of people. Happy day!
  4. Taking care of patients with such dedication and genuine concern is proof that your heart is full of kindness and good feelings.
  5. You have chosen the noble task of caring for the sick and you will be blessed (or) to have a heart full of mercy
  6. Thank you phrases for nurses for their care
  7. It’s great that with such dedication you are making all the sacrifices your business requires. our end!
  8. Your wonderful work deserves all my respect and appreciation. I share this greeting to congratulate you on your day!
  9. It is wonderful to know that in this world there are still people of good heart who do not hesitate for a moment to take care of others.
  10. You and your colleagues are the heart of the hospital, you really understand and help patients recover
  11. Lactation is like mania, a fever in the blood, an incurable disease once infected with it. If not, there would be no nurses. (Monica Dickens)
  12. For nurses, their profession is a part of themselves. (Monica Dickens)
  13. You must be strong to be a nurse. You need strong muscles and stamina to be able to withstand long hours on demand and lift heavy objects. (Tilda Shalloff)
  14. They say some are born to heal. A select few. Noah Gordon
  15. Nursing is an art, and to be practiced as an art, it requires an exclusive dedication just as difficult as the work of a painter or a sculptor. (Florence Nightingale)
  16. Nurses provide comfort, compassion and care even without a prescription. (Val Saintbury)
  17. Save a life, and you are a hero. Save hundreds, and you’re a nurse. (Anonymous)
  18. Short Thoughts in Honor of the Nurses of Mexico and the World
  19. Taking care of people’s health is more than your job, it’s your true profession and that’s why I wish you many congratulations.
  20. You are the perfect combination of professionalism, charisma and kindness
  21. You bring not only convenience to patients’ lives, but also peace of mind and confidence to their families
  22. Your great heart and human quality are essential to the exercise of your profession
  23. When diseases threaten our world, real heroes seem to save us

Learn more about this topic by reading Nurse’s Day in Mexico.

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