May 19, 2022

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PlayOffs NBA 2022: Harden and Embiid are reborn for series match against the Heat

PlayOffs NBA 2022: Harden and Embiid are reborn for series match against the Heat

cWith Joel Embiid and James Harden on the right track, Life is much easier for the Philadelphia 76ers, who on Sunday beat the Miami Heat for the second game in a row (116-108) From the huge Jimmy Butler to a 2-2 tie in the Eastern Conference semi-finals.

After sitting out the first two games of the series due to injury (two wins in the Heat), Embiid, who was still wearing a protective face mask, made a big push. The Sixers in their two straight wins in Philadelphia and tonight have 24 points and 11 rebounds.

However, the key piece of the Sixers in this fourth match was Harden, who was criticized for his secret contribution to previous matches and Who cleared himself today with 31 points (6 out of 10 in triples), 7 rebounds and 9 assists.

Specifically, Harden destroyed Miami in the last quarter in which he scored 16 points with 4 of 6 triples.

The Heat is the team with the best record in the East regular season, They had the fantastic Jimmy Butler who had 40 points (13 of 20 shots) and 6 assists.

However, Erik Spoelstra’s team was knocked out of the trio with a score of 7 out of 35, and was outdone by the home defense for many parts of the evening, and I missed the best version of the key players in his streak like Tyler Herro (11 points with 4 of 12 shots) or Kyle Lowry (6 points with 3 out of 10 repayments).

Embiid and Harden

Disabling Embiid was Hit’s obsession at first. Defending him from the front or asking for two for one, Miami tried to stop the Cameroonian with little success. Since The Sixers star finished the first quarter with 15 points after displaying resources and intelligence in the region (30-28).

The Heat also responded from the inside with Adebayo very active in attack in the first half. Even for most of the first two quarters, the game invited new heroes to join the cast and they showed up there for local green, with triples in a row (one of them is an additional plus); And Harden, who seemed comfortable in both distributing and recording alone.

Then Philadelphia scored +10 which was their biggest advantage until then against the Heat, despite their hard work and stubbornness. Butler, he entered the break (64-56) with a twisted signal after a agonizing 4 out of 18 in a triple.

The bad news continued for Miami, which once started the third quarter saw how Adebayo went to the bench with his fourth foul. Forced to resort to the low pentathlon, The Heat showed their best version in the toughest moments thanks to a sexy butler.

The striker was a torment for the Sixers that quarter, scoring 17 points with a major waste of claw per game and also driving his team’s defensive improvement. Except for the loose brushstrokes by Oladipo, she has hit someone Butler boated so the Sixers, with many difficulties, managed to move forward in the last twelve minutes (89-85).

Looks like Miami missed their chance and Philadelphia made them pay dearly. Round 8-0, with Harden pulling the wagon out of the ocean, He made things very difficult for the visitors at the start of the last quarter (97-85 with 9.13 remaining).

Butler, with the help of Adebayo, once again took a step forward to hold on to his team, which came within just 5 points. However, Harden maintained his unusual composure and coolness in the final minutes and judged the Heat from the treble.

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