June 16, 2024

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PlayStation lifts the mood before previewing what's new for PS5 at PS Showcase 2021: "Be very prepared. Patience pays off"

PlayStation lifts the mood before previewing what’s new for PS5 at PS Showcase 2021: “Be very prepared. Patience pays off”

PlayStation has decided to warm up a little before the news that it is supposed to have prepared for PS Showcase 2021 and it will be PS5.

You know, since many are definitely waiting for it, we’ll have this next week New PlayStation Show 2021. He was Announced the next 9 With information and news about Major PS5 games and more.

now own PlayStation is the device that cannot be kept with passion and nourishes desire PS5 users. For example, through Twitter, many corporate executives have provided some messages through their official accounts, and this is the case Hassan Hadi, President of PlayStation Studios Malaysia.

With simple message, “Be very prepared. Patience pays offHe encouraged Hadi as well Waiting for the event. And it seems that it will be of great importance, because some other information has Dear vacation noted.

But you wouldn’t think the thing would end here, another very important person inside the studio also wanted to leave their hot environment. it’s about Hermann Holst, the current president of Playstation Studios in Sony.

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A lot of great things are happening at PlayStation Studios right now. I can’t wait to show you everything we’ve been working on“, Confirmation via Twitter Hulst Thanks to the social network Twitter.

Of course, at the moment, it is not clear whether we will see New game ads, news of those we already know or a A fresh look at who’s coming. But, without a doubt, the next day Thursday, September 9 at 10:00 pm, Spanish time We will leave doubts.

currently, We know little or nothing of what will be taught, unless something decides to appear within the same week. We will wait for the appointed day to check what they have prepared Playstation Studios.

God of War 2 will be on PlayStation Showcase on September 9 along with other “cool announcements,” according to several insiders.

Currently, the last May We kept that The PlayStation page debuted on Steam to announce 41 games, DLCs, and Half-Hidden. ¿What do you think PlayStation Studios has prepared for this upcoming PlayStation 2021 show?

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