June 23, 2024

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NBA: Cruel mockery of George Carl over aging Lakers

NBA: Cruel mockery of George Carl over aging Lakers

sMuch has been written about the aging workforce in Lakers With the advancement of the players market. Instead of renewing the team roster, as was the original idea a year ago, the Lakers signed Very old players That complete equipment is older than coughing. however, LeBron James He believes the arrival of so many of the “Greatest” will do nothing but put the team in a position to win the ring.

However, when a retired 70-year-old jokes about the team’s age, things get more serious. About Former coach of Carmelo Anthony And he was also a team coach real MadridAnd gerog carlwho fired cruel mockery In networks around the Lakers, whom he accuses of rebuilding comes a decade later.

Karl bases his “phishing” on the fact that The Lakers have six of the 12 oldest players in the league. And they’re about to sign another, DeAndre Jordan, with a 33-year-old:

1. Udonis Haslem – Hit

2. Andre Iguodala – Warriors

3. Carmelo Anthony – Lakers

4. LeBron James – Lakers

5. Marc Gasol – Lakers

6. Paul Millsap – Nets

7. PJ Tucker – Heat

8. Chris Paul – The Suns

9. Gibson’s Crown – Knicks

10. Trevor Ariza – Lakers

11. Dwight Howard – Lakers

12. Rajon Rondo – Lakers

Through the time tunnel, this current team of The Lakers will be formidable in 2012-2013. LeBron James and Carmelo AntonAnd they will be almost completely like all the stars of the East, while Dwight Howard Way Russell Westbrook They will be in the West. Rondo He was also an All-Star before sustaining a terrible knee injury that season and Mark Gasol He was elected a member of the All-Star Party a year ago. He was already in the elite.

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The only person who won’t be a star is Anthony Davis, in his rookie year, but by that time he was an outstanding and powerful player. Who would have thought that after 10 years, they would all end up with the Lakers?

Despite the ridicule and large sums of years between everyone and the passage of time, heThe Lakers have created a team Which climbed to the top among the favorites to win the title this year. At least from experience do not be …