June 16, 2024

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How do we take care of the health of our collaborators in remote work?  |  Photo Gallery

How do we take care of the health of our collaborators in remote work? | Photo Gallery

The work electronically It has become the tool par excellence to be able to carry on with business activities. However, we make sure that our collaborators have good featuresPhysical and mental breakdown It may be more difficult.

“Having a healthy workgroup is not only beneficial to the health of the individual, but also to the work dynamics. A healthy employee is a motivated and productive employee who can achieve excellent results. Dr. Giovanna Valdespino, Head of Preventive Programs at Sanitas, noted that it is essential for every company and undertakes to make a diagnosis of its current situation. and implement procedures that ensure the welfare of its workers.

For this reason, Valdespino gives us 4 tips to take care of the health of our employees from remote work.

  • Develop a strong communication plan: This will allow to reinforce important messages about safety and health from remote work. Run small campaigns highlighting the importance of prevention and compliance with the annual health check and other tips for health on a daily basis, such as nutritional advice or a small exercise routine.
  • Evaluate a health plan that meets your collaborator’s needs: This may vary depending on your business address and the profession of your collaborators. If this pandemic has shown us one thing, it is the importance of having insurance. Whether it is a small, medium or large company, it is important that we have insurance for all our collaborators.
  • Holding virtual events with professionals: Holding some virtual events with invited doctors is a great opportunity to resolve doubts. Consider the needs of your collaborators and issues related to work and health. Liaise with experts on physical and mental health issues; And set a timetable for these talks.
  • Involve all employees: Creating a committee of leaders within the company is a great way to delegate tasks and also get ideas about what your workers want to achieve. This way, you can run campaigns like health knowledge contests, or contests that encourage the whole company to take an interest in their nutrition. Listen to your employees and you’ll know how they feel, allowing you to take more accurate action.
  • Create a contingency plan: Accidents always happen in the home or health emergency. Therefore, it is essential to have a response plan in place that will allow you to guide your collaborators if necessary.
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