June 23, 2024

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Infanta Sofia will experience a completely different return to school

Princess Eleanor’s farewell pictures At the airport, saying goodbye to her family as she enthusiastically embarks on a new and stimulating phase of her life abroad, she leaves us with the stamp of normalcy often hidden among the institutions and protocol that govern members’ lives. Of the kings, and within this also normal Infanta Sofia’s photoAsking solace in his father before such a big change for his sister, but also for her. What happened in the background ended up being just as important as the departure of the Princess of Asturias and She revealed, in addition to her logical grief, that she is also facing a year in which many things will change, starting with Back to School.

Princess Eleanor’s first solo trip

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This isn’t the first time Infanta Sofia has started school without the company of her sister, with whom she has year after year starred in the now classic scene where the press greeted in her military uniform. Last year, the pandemic forced students to start classes erratically The daughters of kings started the course with a two-day break. however, Yes, it will be the first time that Princess Leonor is not with her at the school of Santa Maria de los Rosales., the center where they studied since childhood education. Last year we couldn’t see another joint photo either, a photo of Don Felipe and Donna Letizia accompanying their two daughters on their first day, also due to antiviral measures. It is not yet known whether next week her parents will be able to bring Infanta to the door or, on the contrary, will start this course full of changes alone.

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Sophia has started the third year of ESO, the last cycle of secondary education, so she is expected to continue to deepen the knowledge gained about it Three core competencies: science, reading and mathematics. This exclusive school center bases secondary education on these three basic pillars to “prepare young people for life in contemporary society,” as described on the school’s website. This year’s Covid protocol has yet to be confirmed, and there is no doubt that it will be different to a greater or lesser degree from the previous two cycles, which were deeply marked by the epidemic.

In any case, the biggest change in Infanta Sofia will not depend on the daily advice of her sister, who has already gone down the same path two years ago. There is no doubt that new technologies will facilitate the constant communication between the two, but despite this, they will have to get used to these conversations taking place thousands of miles away. Although Princess Leonor would regularly come to Spain to fulfill her institutional obligations, A possible increase in the popularity of the Infanta Sofía is expected in the coming school year, who would not have attended an official event without her.

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It would be inevitable that the spotlight would focus on the younger ones every time she attended an event with her parents, but, besides, she was the same age as Leonor when she started More institutional weight. Keep in mind that her sister is the heiress, so he wouldn’t expect her role to be comparable, but yeah It is entirely possible that the presence of Infanta Sofía in public life was more important and above all independent of her sister. It was common to analyze their gestures, conversations, the similar appearance of both or, conversely, how demanding their style, but always at the same time. Only the princess of Asturias, who headed a solo act, was able to focus on it herself. Now it’s Sophia’s turn. This will be the year Infanta shines for itself.

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