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PlayStation will take longer than expected with The Last of Us multiplayer

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Developer Sony has downgraded the staff on the game while they assess direction. However, they have also confirmed that they are working on a new single player experience.

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Sony will slow down in development than expected The Last of Us multiplayer game To analyze their quality and long-term viability. At the same time, naughty dogwhich is a subsidiary of Play Station who created the franchise video gameconfirmed this news and linked it to development New single player title.

Four anonymous sources confirmed to Bloomberg that the team working on the game known as “The Last of Us: Factions”He was reduced and that a smaller group is now still operating while the company reassesses which direction to go. The game has not been canceled however Many programmers have been transferred to other projects.

After the executor requests information from Naughty Dog, The developer posted a message on Twitter They stated that they came to the conclusion that “the best thing about the game is to spend more time on it”. PlayStation has made it clear that it will continue to work on the project as well as on it A “new single player game” is now in development.

Many fans expected to see News about this multiplayer project in the latest PlayStation presentation It was last Wednesday. During the presentation, the approach that Sony wants to introduce to How to serve games (Titles can be monetized after they are released), especially in Destiny updates and other development projects. bungeethe expert company in this type which they bought in July 2022.

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In this sense, Bloomberg reported it Sony asked Bungie to review the Factions project And that it raises doubts about keeping gamers addicted in the long run. Naughty Dog is developing this title, which started as an expansion of the last of us: part two, Four years ago.

While The Last of Us has already been a popular franchise since its release in 2013, this year it isHis recognition was further boosted by his successful adaptation of the HBO sitcom World.

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