August 14, 2022

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Pokémon GO confirma nuevas funciones sociales y novedades en las incursiones presenciales

Pokémon GO confirms new social posts and news in head-to-head raids

We again bring an interesting message regarding one of the most unique games in the mobile market. We are talking in this case about Pokemon GO.

What’s new in Pokémon GO

In the text below, it is emphasized that Niantic implementation plan New social functions and innovations in head-to-head raids. We leave you the details shown:


Today we want to announce new social features so you can come together and enjoy Pokémon GO, new rewards for participating in local raids, and changes to items in the Store.

New social features (Some will be based on a separate Niantic app) has been in testing for a while and will be coming to Pokémon GO in the coming months. We hope these features make it easy to connect with other coaches, discover new communities, and have fun raiding those around you.

We know that something like this was really necessary and we really want to improve your social experience little by little.

This month, by completing local raids, you will receive Mega Energy and Rare Candy++ as a reward so that it costs less to develop and strengthen your Pokémon. Additionally, starting May 23, the first PokéCoin event chest in the store will not include remote raid lanes, but will instead contain a variety of items.

Over the past two years, trainers from all over the world have helped keep Pokémon GO and grow. Now we can finally play together in person again. With the goal of assisting coaches who do not have an easy time to get into gyms, we will continue to seek solutions and tools for community leaders to host local events and simplify the process of accepting new gyms.

We look forward to sharing your adventures head-on!

— Team Pokémon GO

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