May 27, 2022

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Porsche 911 Sport Classic: the return of the legendary nine 11 recharged

Includes additional modifications LED headlights with black casesinscription Porsche On the undersides of the form, Side-mounted white circles designed to house the number badges chosen by the driver And a series of special badges shared with very cool and exciting Porsche 911 Targa 4S Heritage Design Edition 2021.

The Porsche Shield Which mimics the automaker’s design from 1963, real gold badges on the back of the car and a badge Porsche Heritage Mounted on the rear grille completes the colorful look of this little gem on wheels.

This is a renewal Porsche 911 Sport Classic Uses the wide body of 911 Turbobut it drops the active aerodynamic package and the side air intakes.

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Giving up this feature is bounded Porsche It will develop new componentless wide plate stamping tools that are compatible with this Special Edition model. The new sport Additional air is carried into the engine compartment via ducts located under the rear spoiler as a way to compensate for the missing vents in the sides.

The selected painting is inspired by shade gray fashion from the first Porsche 356although it also has a beautiful panel that includes pure blackAnd gray agate metallicAnd blue s gentian mineral

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This content can also be displayed on the site arise desde.

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