May 23, 2022

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This year they can't take the Ballon d'Or from Karim Benzema

This year they can’t take the Ballon d’Or from Karim Benzema

Florentino Perez, president of Real Madrid, considered that Karim Benzema should be the Ballon d’Or, because he had a great campaign with the club.

Florentino Perezpresident real madridAfter winning the thirty-fifth league title for the white club, he considered it a “deserved and difficult” title, and after him “no one can doubt” that this year Karim Benzema You must win in The golden ball Because, after his great season, “they can no longer take it away.”

Benzema He has been good now and since he came but now no one can doubt that they have to give him The golden ball This year, they can no longer get away with it,” he announced after winning his sixth league as head of Movistar+ microphones.

When asked why he would feel on a day like today, he replied that like all Real Madrid players, “a great satisfaction for a well-deserved league and worked hard” for it “planning a season” with the goal of winning the league and the Champions League, winning the first league already and we will be if We were able to win the Champions League.”

Perez, who avoided answering the question of when the Frenchman’s signature would be discussed, added Kylian Mbappe He only said about that: “When we plan the team for next year, we’ll see.”

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Finally, he praised the work you did Carlo Ancelotti On the seat. “He has many tables on this issue of template management and has done a very good job honestly. Getting to know real madrid Their values ​​and what they represent is a great thing.”