May 23, 2022

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Porzingis se da un homenaje

Porzingis gives himself a salute

There are nights when There is no way. And certainly there is no further analysis of Awesome Mavericks game in Washington (135-103 Final) against some Wizards who have just been eliminated from the fight by playing in, who were lower after a great start to the season and who are ending the season with injuries to Bradley Beal and Kyle Kuzma. It wasn’t that day or the contender: The Wizards added 120 points in Dallas and 135 this time around, winning both tournament games against the MAF. The second, Clearwith Christapps Porsingis on the right track.

It was a horrible night. Reunion. Airy issue of revenge games in the NBA, The opportunity to settle some accounts with those who stopped relying on you, With whom to do business (sports and economic) under your contract. This is how things are. Which is why Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope, the Lakers champion in 2020, explained after playing his best game of the season (35 points, 6/11 in triples) that, for them, it was important to win: “We tell Kristaps that they They let him go and now we’re going to smash him.” On the other hand, Returned to Washington the main exchange piece KPSpencer Dinwiddy who didn’t go well from DCHe said, “I told my colleagues I wouldn’t hit us here.” KCP.

For his part, Porsenges was elegant, although he made it clear that he was where he wanted to be: “It was fun to play against my former team. Now I’m here and I’m happy, everyone supports me. The biggest mistake people make when it comes to my time with the Mavs is that I didn’t get along with Doncic off the field. There’s no problem between us, he’s a man cool And it’s hard not to get along with him. Sometimes things don’t go as expected. For me, playing with such talent from one generation to the next was great, but it was already too late. Now I’m glad to be here in Washington. I miss a lot of people from Dallas but things didn’t go the way we expected. These are things that happen, but everyone there treated me well.”

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The Mavericks played their third game in four nights, and they have an early game tomorrow in Milwaukee.In the hero’s house. It was logical to expect some physical and mental fatigue… but not that weak against an enthusiastic but inferior opponent. Porzingis started rolling and finished with 24 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists. Roy Hatchimura added 21 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and Avdeja 14 + 4 + 3. The Magicians made 54% of their shots, 51% of their three throws (17/33), and 90% of their free throws. The Mavericks stayed at 28% three times (11/38), a fatal fact because they didn’t legs To attack the edge with continuity, they made 14 passes for 13 turns. A very low level saved only by Galen Bronson (21 points) and of course Luka Doncic: 36, 7 rebounds and 6 assists. Of course, five losses and -22 in his 36th minute.

not today And it wasn’t from the first quarter that the Wizards scored 41 points (41-20). In the third quarter the advantage reached 26 points (88-62) and there was no epic return for visitorsJust trying to react left a few important shots in limbo with the lead at -13 (91-78). Defeat, because things are tight, matters: now The Mavs are once again in 4th place, so they’re back alongside the Phoenix Suns square (Theoretical contender in the second round), the ghoul everyone wants to avoid. Today, the Warriors (third again) and the Fifth Jazz are playing with a half lead over the Mavericks. This defeat is clearly not tragic … but it can be remembered in a few days, when the regular season ends.

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Not only that: there are unsatisfactory symptoms. especially in Defensive decline that has appeared in recent weeks Yet an unusual and certainly unsustainable level, especially in February. In seven of the last ten matches, the MAFS opponent has scored at least 110 points. In the past two weeks, Jason Kidd’s team (who was fielded in this game) has the 19th defense in the NBA. It seems that opponents make shots that they previously missed, sometimes it is that simple. But it can also be impressive Team fatigue with short rotations and a demanding defensive scheme. We’ll see, because tomorrow afternoon in Spain (19:00) the Mavericks are visiting the Milwaukee Bucks. Doncic vs. Antikonmo. A chance to erase the bad taste in the mouth with a stroke of a pen…or to open up some serious discussion a few days before the playoffs. Tomorrow we will find out why the rhythm in the NBA never stops.