May 27, 2022

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Nelson Mart resigns from CERTV due to health issues

Nelson Mart resigns from CERTV due to health issues

Director General of the State Radio and Television Corporation (CERTV), nelson marspresented on Friday resignation to the position, via a letter sent to President Luis Abenader. The resignation The statement stated that it was based on medical recommendations.

In the letter, which Mars himself posted on his Twitter account, he provided a kind of summary of all the work he had done at the helm of the foundation.

Below is the full text of the message resignation From Mars.

“On a medical recommendation (see attached certificate), I am forced to resign from the position of Director General of the State Radio and Television Corporation (CERTV), valid until now.

“I am grateful for the confidence placed in my performance, which I briefly inform you has allowed me to regain prestige and a good image. CERTV As a matrix of collective and open communication, in the service of the state and society, with 4 newsletters (one regional) and an amusing morning magazine on current affairs, Monday through Friday, which widely promotes the public works of the state and the activities of the community.

“We operate in accordance with the official rules of clean management. We leave the financial situation intact, without debts and with a cash availability of more than 355 million Brazilian reals, included in the Integrated Financial Management System. We also achieved this in its circular No. 27 of 8 in December, the Budget Directorate requested all state institutions Payment compliance CERTV 10% of their advertising budget.

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“We presented the technical and financial project for digital terrestrial television, realizing the assignment of INDOTEL to channel 12 of the 3rd division. We have developed the setup of channel 17 so that digital terrestrial television serves several key areas of the country.

“We have developed a social media team, which previously did not exist at its current size, and have strengthened our Dominican and Quisqueya FM stations.

“We have obtained or are in the process of bidding for essential equipment to operate the canal. Of the 25 plots of land on which the canal operates CERTV We only found one cleanup and it’s already achieved 20 certification, by the state Land Title Commission, as an initial step in its cleanup.

“I am best prepared to continue to cooperate with the extraordinary transformations you are making for the benefit of the country,” Marty says in the letter.

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