July 14, 2024

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Priella Cirillo, from Corazon Serrano, faces criticism and explains why she gets tired at concerts

Priella Cirillo, from Corazon Serrano, faces criticism and explains why she gets tired at concerts

The singer, tired of the criticism, decided to tell the truth behind her seemingly tired appearance in front of the audience. | social networks

Prilla CirilloOne of the main voices of Corazon Serrano decided to confront the criticism she was receiving on social networks about her. Appearing on stage. The 27-year-old singer has become the subject of negative comments claiming that she always looks lethargic.

Fed up with the attacks, the young woman went live on TikTok Explain whether you are truly exhausted. Comments from netizens not only questioned his fitness but also his professionalism.

Briela, who returned to the Guerrero Neira Brothers Orchestra in March of this year after a short stint in the group Bella Luz, did not expect the wave of questions on social media.

Corazon Serrano singer defends himself against criticism and explains his appearance on stage. | Composition / Infobae / Instagram Corazon Serrano

In her live broadcast, the Kalaw singer decided to put an end to the speculation and open her heart to her followers.

“These are the moments when I accept that. But it’s not that I’m sad, it’s that I’m looking at the floor. And when I look down, it seems like my eyes are closed. But the truth is that it hurts me to open my eyes a lot, because my sight is kind of closed,” he said. The music artist calmly said: “Even when I was 4 years old, I had surgery on my eyes, because I was very nearsighted.”

His words touched many, who understood the real reason behind his appearance. In addition to Criticism of his appearanceSome followers also commented that she does not usually respond to their greetings during the band’s performances.

Briella Cirillo lashes out at haters about her appearance. | Instagram

For this reason, the singer explained that she is greeting the audience, but her eye problem means that some may misinterpret her gesture.

“I see the audience welcoming me and I respond with a heart gesture with my hand. However, when they see me from afar, it seems that I walk with my eyes closed, and they think that I did not see their signs of affection with the banners and other things. However, my eyes are open,” Briella explained.

Cirillo’s journey in music was not easy. She began her career on national television alongside model and now influencer Mayra Goñi on the show María Pía y Timoteo.

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In 2022 he joined the salsa orchestra They are a temptation She also participated in singing reality shows such as: ‘I am’ And “Voice of Peru”. Her talent caught the attention of Corazon Serrano, who did not hesitate to incorporate her into her ranks.

After a short stint in Bella Luz, the young woman returned to the Piura Orchestra and quickly established herself as one of the group’s main voices.

Priella Cirillo returns to Corazon Serrano after a short stint in “La Bella Luz”

His melodious and powerful voice won over thousands of fans, although he also had to deal with the weight of criticism.

Corazon Serrano surprised her fans again by releasing two new songs: “You will pay with tears” And “I’m stuck with it.” They were released on Tuesday, May 28, and have accumulated nearly 400,000 views on YouTube in just 24 hours.

The group, which managed to maintain its popularity with the public despite the changes in its lineup, enthusiastically celebrated this new achievement.

The band’s musical director, Edwin GuerreroGeneral producer Yudán Guerrero Neira spoke with La República about the positive reception of their new products.

Corazon Serrano’s current line-up includes Irma Guerrero, Leslie Aguila, Susana Alvarado, Ana Lucia Urbina, Chiara Lozano, Briella Cirillo and Milagros Díaz, who have managed to win over the audience with their talent and charisma.

“We took it with great pleasure. We are proud that the audience supports him for every production released. This gives us all the strength we need to move forward,” commented Liudan.

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