June 23, 2024

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This would be the best place in Mexico to see the super strawberry moon

This would be the best place in Mexico to see the super strawberry moon

The super strawberry moon can be seen in this part of the world on June 22. (Getty Images)

in JuneSoon after summer enters this hemisphere, Mexico will be able to enjoy the weather super strawberry moon, A phenomenon that never ceases to amaze us The natural beauty and mysticism that surrounds it.

this “Super Moon” that it An astronomical phenomenon Where the full moon coincides with the moment when it is The moon is closer to the Earth In its orbit known as rock bottom. This closeness makes the moon They appear larger and brighter in the sky.

The term “strawberry” has no astrological meaning, nor does it mean that it will turn pink or red, but rather comes from the names of strawberries. Full moon in different months According to Native American traditions. the Strawberry Super Moon This usually occurs in June and represents the strawberry harvest season in North America.

Moreover, in different parts of the world, this lunar phenomenon has different names: in Europe, it is sometimes called “”honeymoonIn reference to the tradition of weddings during the month of June and the production of honey; It is known in Asia as “Lotus MoonIn some cultures, it is known as “Rose MoonBecause roses bloom greatly at this time. Other names it received are “Hay Moon”, “Cold Moon” and “Oak Moon” associated with each Natural phenomena or specific seasonal activities.

The best way to appreciate this phenomenon is to be in a place free of light pollution.

to level Astrologicalthe super strawberry moon is seen as a A period of intense emotions and energies; This phenomenon is believed to enhance the typical effects of the full moon, which strongly affects the emotional state and personal relationships.

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Astrologers often associate supermoons with opportunities for personal growth, release of emotional burdens, and completion of cycles. During this time, it is a good idea to think about goals and relationships, and take advantage of the lunar energy to make big changes.

A little bit of the ritual carried out by followers of these practices Full moon (As with Super Strawberry Moon) They focus on cycles of editing and closing; Some of these rituals Energy cleansingMeditations and purification Energetic charge of crystals And quartz.

This ritual seeks to harness the energy of the full moon for personal renewal and spiritual transformation.

The moon this June will bring us several surprises that we cannot miss. (Getty Images)

Since June 20 it is Summer SolsticeThe super strawberry moon is expected to appear on… Mexico And next Saturday, June 22; This phenomenon can be enjoyed in 32 states of the country Without any problem as long as it does not rain, and the environment is not affected by the air pollution Astronomy lovers will find themselves in it A completely clear place away from noise From major cities.

To better appreciate it, experts recommend observing it in a place without it Light pollution. By some accounts, Mexicans are destined to have the opportunity to witness this Astronomical eventOr from 7:08 p.m

The giant strawberry moon is important because it represents the end of spring and the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, while for the Southern Hemisphere it represents the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. This phenomenon not only provides a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the universe, but also invites us to reflect on our existence in this vast universe.

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Don’t miss the 2024 Super Strawberry Moon and get ready to enjoy the beauty of our natural moon in all its glory. Don’t forget to mark the date on your calendar and get ready to witness this amazing astronomical spectacle!