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Problems with Harry 100% in Marvel’s Spider-Man – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Problems with Harry 100% in Marvel’s Spider-Man – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

We tell you how to complete this main mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

We continue the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. After Venom appears during the “Don’t Be Afraid” mission, it’s time to follow his trail in “Trouble with Harry”. Although we are not talking about a particularly complex task, it will hold some surprises for us, so in the following guide, we will tell you how to complete it step by step. Come here!

How to complete “Trouble with Harry” step by step in Spider-Man 2

  • The mission begins with Find Harry. We will have to track its location through different sites until we find some kind of symbiotic nest.
  • Until this moment the mission will be quiet and we will only have to follow the main mission icon that marks the map.
  • After discovering that many citizens have been infected, our mission will be to try to resolve the situation and to do that we have to go To the shipyard.

Once there, you have to use it Radar To find audio elements that you can change infected. One of them is Container This is hanging and we have to let it drop with the cobwebs. Another point of interest is located in the covered area in front of the ship. You can see it in the picture below. Then we will have to activate the ship’s panel and finally capture the sound of the helicopter.

  • Once we’re done, a group of symbiotes will appear that we’ll have to defeat. We will have achieved it too New audio tool That would incapacitate enemies. However, the mission continues.
  • Jankee’s mother and Miles are trapped in the subway car because of these new enemies. We’ll have to defeat them yes and we’ll be able to use this new tool, but what we really have to do is Protecting the cores from sound impact For a few minutes. The stage will be full of infected people, but we’d better focus on those that attack the heart directly, as Miles will help us. I recommend to you Great care With enemies attacking from a distance.
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Now we have completed this task, it is time to move on “You’re not like that”. The game still has many surprises in store for us, and this chapter holds one of the most important ones.

With all this said, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is much more than just missions, so we recommend taking a look at our full guide to the game. Moreover, if you want to know all its details, you can also read our analysis.

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