May 23, 2022

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Queen Elizabeth II and her controversial meeting with Prince Harry, what happened?  - Europe - International

Queen Elizabeth II and her controversial meeting with Prince Harry, what happened? – Europe – International

A few days ago, it was announced Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle visited Queen Elizabeth II At Windsor Castle After two years away from royalty. Although their meeting could be seen as a way to put the problems of the past behind them, this is not the case for some members of the British press.

In an interview with NBC’s “Today”, the Duke of Sussex briefly recalled the meeting he had with his grandmother, saying it was “so nice” to see her again.

“Being with her was great, it was great to see her, she’s in such a good shape. She always had a good sense of humor and I made sure she was protected and had the right people around her. Meghan and I had tea with her, so it was really nice to catch up.”

But what caused an uproar among journalists specializing in the British royal family was his words about protecting the Queen and the environment, with many claiming that They were offensive to Prince Charles, Harry’s father, and Prince William, his brother.

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Prince Harry says he is making sure the Queen is “protected and has the right people around her.” “How is it? I think Prince Charles and his brothers and William are doing just that – supporting the Queen.” And not just with words,” tweeted reporter Robert Jobson.

Similarly, according to Vanitatis, Angela Levine, writer of Harry: Conversations with the Prince, stated that “Harry’s comment on American television about him, and the assertion that the Queen is protected, is a great insult to Prince Charles and William.”

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Levine also said the Duke of Sussex does not deserve to attend the platinum jubilee of Elizabeth II, which will take place in June and celebrate. Seventy years of the king’s rule on the throne.

For his part, former British Conservative MP, David Mellor, commented to “GB News”: “The news came that Harry said his grandmother needed protection and fell. This was a real comedic development. The highest-paid comedian could not be Funnier than that.”

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He added, “What is this guy thinking? (…) His life is completely distorted when he becomes a Kardashian character, surrounded by people who want to portray him because they pay him so much money for the privilege of portraying him. And the queen becomes important to him only because he must Watching it for its credibility on Netflix.”

Given these criticisms, Prince Harry did not speak. It is worth mentioning that his visit was on his way to The Hague, where he attended the Invictus Games organized by the Duke of Sussex for wounded and disabled soldiers.

It was also a few days after her grandmother’s birthday, because on April 21 the Queen turned 96.


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