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Queen Sofia gives up VIP privilege during her hospital stay

Queen Sofia gives up VIP privilege during her hospital stay

Queen Sofia in an archive photo. (Europe Press)

the Queen Sofia It is still located at the Ruber Internacional Clinic in Madrid. Al-Fakhri was admitted to the hospital last Tuesday night, April 9, due to an injury Urinary tract infection Although Casa Real stated that the center is developing positively and rapidly, everything indicates that the mother of Felipe VI will have to remain at the center during the weekend.

These days, the monarch has visited his mother three times, the last time on Thursday, April 11, with his wife, Queen Letizia, who until then had been unable to go due to her official obligations. “Well, he really wants out.Upon leaving the hospital, the King expressed that he did not know the exact date on which the Prince would leave the hospital. He added to the media: “Quietly.”

Kings Felipe and Letizia leaving the hospital after a visit from Queen Sofia. (Europe Press)

During her hospital stay, Sofia gave up an important privilege that the private center offers to VIPs passing through its facilities. This is how he progresses weekWhich reveals new details about the acceptance of Princess Leonor's grandmother.

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According to the website of the prestigious clinic in the capital where the Queen visits, its facilities consist of: 108 rooms and 15 suites. The latter is reserved for the most prominent figures who pass through the medical center, but the aforementioned media confirm that Queen Letizia’s mother-in-law refused to stay in one of those “distinctive” rooms, and chose one of the regular single rooms. .

Queen Sofia with her sister Irene. (Europe Press)

However, the patient's status as a member of the royal family forced the clinic to take extraordinary measures to ensure her safety and well-being. Thus the common practice in these “royal” revenues is Block of adjacent rooms The presence of escorts will be in the factory corridors and at the room door.

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In this recovery process, Al-Fakhri constantly accompanied him. Felipe and Elena came to visit her, and her sister did so on Friday. Irene Greecefor whom Sofia has been an important support recently due to her critical health condition.

The truth is that Queen Sofia has very little experience when it comes to hospital treatment, as this is the first time the Queen Emeritus has been hospitalized at the age of 85 due to health issues. Despite this setback that temporarily takes her away from her duties, the mother of Felipe VI responds properly to the antibiotic treatment she is given to combat the infection, a disease very common among elderly women.