July 1, 2022

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Radio Havana Cuba |  Thousands of Brazilians have expressed their disapproval of Bolsonaro's government in the streets

Radio Havana Cuba | Thousands of Brazilians have expressed their disapproval of Bolsonaro’s government in the streets

With the slogan “Never again Bolsonaro”, the Brazilians accuse the president of worsening conditions
economic and social status of the country. (@MarciaPNeves)

BRASILIA, April 9 (RHC) Popular, social and trade union movements have organized a massive demonstration since Saturday morning in at least 72 cities in Brazil against the government of Jair Bolsonaro.

Under the slogan “Bolsonaro will not be repeated again,” the moves are taking place with strong criticism of the increase in fuel and gasoline, in addition to the high unemployment rates and the return of hunger to the country.

According to Ricardo Morrissey, General Coordinator of the Confederation of Labor at the Federal University of Alagoas (Centoval), union entities and the Brazilian people can no longer afford all the evils that this government has brought to the people of Brazil.

For Gilton Lira, president of the Association of Teachers at the Federal University of Alagoas (Adufal), Bolsonaro’s government has sponsored a series of humanitarian disasters, including the neglect of the pandemic, and the disruption of important public policies in health and education. Citizen security.

In Bandeirantes, where Bolsonaro plans to arrive by motorbike, social movement entities, parties and grassroots groups this morning called for a “Bolsonaro Never Again” rally starting at 9 a.m.

The #Bolsonaro NuncaMais events, organized by entities such as CUT, the popular movements that make up the Popular Fronts of Brazil and Povo Sem Medo, have already been confirmed in 72 cities.

“This year is decisive for our lives, it is the year that will determine the future we want for our country, for us, our families and all the Brazilian people” – warned the General Secretary of the CUT Association, Carmen Foro.

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“For this reason, being in the streets to protest and denounce the Bolsonaro government, as well as an act of resistance, is an act to raise awareness among the population of the tragedy we are going through,” the leader concluded.

The protests came as a result of the Campaign for Bolsonaro initiative, an entity that brings together various movements and struggle fronts, such as the Central de Movimientos Populares (CMP).

The national mobilization on the country’s main streets is denouncing the gravity of the economic, social, environmental and cultural crisis that has afflicted Brazil.

Raimundo Bonfim, CMP national coordinator, noted that people are desperate not to be able to cope with consecutive increases in electricity and gas bills for cooking, fuel, medicine and food.

“Brazil can no longer afford the irresponsibility, crimes, atrocities and brutality of the government. Bolsonaro has dismantled the country and will leave a legacy of destruction for the Brazilian people and the future rulers who will succeed him as of next year.”

“We cannot accept that there are no alternatives to fight hunger, unemployment, poverty and inflation,” Bonfim said. (Source:Telesur)