August 14, 2022

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Raquel Peña: Everyone is responsible for their own health

Raquel Peña: Everyone is responsible for their own health

Rachel Pena vice president Republic, reiterated this Thursday that every citizen should be responsible for taking care of and maintaining his health, and urged citizens for this to complete their vaccination schedule. COVID-19.

Peña noted that people who have had the full vaccination schedule and were infected with the virus have been shown to overcome it “as if it were the flu”, most of the time without symptoms.

“The important thing is that everyone is responsible for maintaining their health; who needs to use a mask if there are a lot of people, it is recommended that they continue to use it, but above all, come and end this vaccination program for the entire population,” the vice president said. .

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When asked if all vaccination centers will be enabled again, the coordinator of the government health board also said that there were too many vaccination points and that people did not show up and many had to close them because it was difficult for them. Lots of money for the state.

He said that there are still about 500 vaccination centers from COVID-19 Throughout the national territory where vaccines are available.

He said that the real situation of the Corona virus is that there are several people who have been infected, but the important thing is that the hospitalization was minimal, which is the most important thing.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Public Health reported 90 new cases of the virus COVID-19which brings a total of 661 active cases across the national territory, an increase of 33 cases from the previous report.

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The local area where more cases were detected was the national area, with 26 positive results.

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Clashes between Haitian immigrants and the DGM

Likewise, when contacted by the press, the official referred, Thursday, to the confrontation between agents of the General Directorate immigration (DGM) and Haitian citizens of Ciudad Juan Bosch, in Santo Domingo East, who greeted them last Wednesday with stones.

in this aspect vice president He said that regardless of whether they are Haitians or not, any citizen of the Dominican Republic must comply with what is public law and order.

“They have to deal with law and public order and we all have to stand up for that,” Peña said.

After that confrontation, the Directorate General of Police carried out an operation Thursday morning in Ciudad Juan Bosch in search of Haitian immigrants who repulsed a battalion from that institution yesterday.

Peña’s remarks were made at the end of the sixth installment of the National Prayer Breakfast, whose main theme this year was to establish a culture of peace in government, family and society.

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