November 28, 2023

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Reports indicate that Apple will invest $1 billion so as not to fall behind in the development of its artificial intelligence

Reports indicate that Apple will invest $1 billion so as not to fall behind in the development of its artificial intelligence

Manzana Determined to take a step forward in the field Artificial Intelligence (AI)It has allocated an annual investment of $1,000 million to develop its own products in this field, he said Bloomberg.

The company is heading into a future where AI not only improves the user experience, but also completely redefines it.

So far, Apple has selectively integrated AI into its products, primarily focusing on improving image quality and automatically correcting text. However, the company is preparing to take a big step in its career Generative artificial intelligence.

One of the most anticipated announcements is the launch of a new version of its virtual assistant. Siri, supported by this technology. According to sources, this improved version could see the light in 2024 or early 2025.

Although no specific details were provided about Siri’s new capabilities, it is expected to compete directly with systems such as ChatGPT And Google is cool.

Until now, Apple has kept its existence a secret Great language model And a chatbot, both of which are based on artificial intelligence. Although they haven’t been integrated into its products, these developments could play an integral role in the evolution of Siri and the company’s other apps.

In addition to Siri, Apple has ambitious plans to incorporate generative AI into other areas. The company is studying the possibility of using this technology in… Messages and Apple Music With the aim of offering advanced features such as automatically generated playlists, similar to the function Spotifywhich works in partnership with OpenAI.

according to, TechCrunchApple’s AI could find its way, too Xcodea tool for application developers, provides valuable support in creating and improving applications.

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The executives responsible for these AI initiatives at Apple are John GiannandreaSenior Vice President of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Strategy, Craig Federighi Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, W Eddie QHead of Services.

up to date, Apple has neither officially confirmed nor denied these statements. However, this significant investment in generative AI and development projects points to an exciting future in which Apple will join the forefront of AI in the technology industry.