June 16, 2024

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Rugby | Karen Buckwin: “New Zealand violates our game”

“When you talk to someone about rugby, they do not know the rules, but they know they play a lot in New Zealand. .

Whether it was the sight of 50,000 fans gathered at the famous Eden Park in Auckland, the first World Cup guest in 1987, or in front of nearly 30,000 spectators at Waikato Stadium in Hamilton, it was all news. -Jeland It vibrates to the rhythm of rugby.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. This is not the only city you want. Everyone talks about it and knows about it. We come to a village, we are welcomed, there are festivals, people are proud to share their culture and love for sports with us, ”said the Quebec player, a member of the women’s national team.

Karen Buckwin underscores how “overly discriminatory” the population is, and has always had high expectations for their favorites, such as All-Blacks for men and Black Ferns for women. An energy that adds to the energy and electrification atmosphere of the matches offered in his home.

“People go to games to celebrate and expect their team to win every time. It’s like hockey here. In the eyes of Canadians, if Canada doesn’t win a gold medal (at the Olympics or the World Championships), it doesn’t get second place. He simply loses.”

We have to admit, most of the time, the New Zealanders are happy when they leave the field. Their national teams enjoy a share of the win every year, and they are always the best on the planet. The women’s team has won five of the last six World Cups, and the men have come on stage seven times in nine matches, with three gold medals around their necks.

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Rooted in culture

Rugby Union is beyond the game in New Zealand, however, every time players go there to compete in a match they feel on and off the field.

“We’re coming to New Zealand, we can go to a small rugby clinic at a school and talk about our experience with the national team, and then the school youth will give us a hookah,” explains Karen Buckwin, who is surprised. Its presence in this country.

“It’s very interesting to understand how rugby is embedded in culture, especially Mori culture. People are happy to share it with us. This is a special moment.”

Rugby has been played in New Zealand since the XIXe Century and of course holds a special place in the hearts of its citizens. After a long spring imprisonment due to COVID-19, the rugby championship in June, with Super Rugby Atterova, was eagerly awaited to restart the game. Source: More than 40,000 people came to Eden Park for the final match, which was the first match to throw the Auckland Blues against Hurricane Wellington.

This is not a balloon adventure, you got everything Package contract When it gets there! A luxury rugby experience.

Karen Buckwin


Matches in New Zealand present a challenge to opposing teams. Buckwin insists the players’ work is not to ignore the crowd and to be distracted by the distractions surrounding the game. Occasion.

“You have to expect some great games when you go there. You have to come with a knife between your teeth, ready to give everything you have, it gives a lot of intense competition. You can’t go in there to go in. When you make a mistake on the pitch, they (New Zealanders ) Will succeed in placing points. “

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The Women’s Rugby Union World Cup is set to take place in New Zealand next fall. These representatives are defensive champions and will try to protect him at home. Twelve countries will be represented, including Canada. Needless to say where the spotlight will be in this country from September 18 to October 16, 2021.