July 14, 2024

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Fearing delta diversity, New Zealand suspends its “travel bubble” with Australia

Fearing delta diversity, New Zealand suspends its “travel bubble” with Australia

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinta Artern decided on July 23 to close the “travel bubble” between the two, amid growing concern in Australia, especially in the Sydney region, about the progress of the delta diversity.

The experience would have been short-lived. The “travel bubble” between New Zealand and Australia, Launched on April 19, will be closed for at least the next eight weeks. Prime Minister Jacinta Artern made the announcement on Friday, July 23 Report it New Zealand Herald. “Govt has changed, that’s why we have to do it”, He justified it, saying he did not want to risk it Efforts made by its fellow citizens for more than a year. By shutting itself down very quickly after the appearance of the new corona virus, New Zealand succeeded in preventing the spread of the epidemic in its region.

In short, this means that travelers to the New Zealand from a neighboring island will not be exempt from isolation from midnight this Friday. However, all residents will be exempt until July 30, Specifies the site Subject. Air New Zealand has also announced that it will set up additional flights to repatriate them. Subject An estimated 20,000 New Zealanders are currently on Australian soil.

“National Emergency” in Australia

Jacinta Artern’s announcement to the leaders of New South Wales (NSW) Recurrence of epidemic in Sydney a “National Emergency”, Writing ABC On its website. Although somewhat subdued, 136 new epidemics and one death have been reported in the state. “The highest number since the delta variation appeared last month”.

Gladys Periglion, Prime Minister NSW, Called “A New Vaccine Strategy”, Only 36% of the population of this state received the first dose and 15% received the second dose, Explains Sydney Morning Herald. What is even more worrying is that the districts where most of the contaminants are sheltered are vaccinated.

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In New Zealand, the vaccination rate is comparable, with 15% of people over the age of 16 receiving two doses. Note Defender. The rate at which New Zealand officials are encouraged to give asylum to their people is the time when Australia has these new waves. As such, Jacinta Ardern promised her Australian rival Scott Morrison that the “bubble” would reopen. In the ninety-five days it was, recall Subject, “312,000 people traveled in one direction or another”.