June 12, 2024

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World Rugby League – World Cup – New Zealand and Australia want to meet instead of Rugby League

The new component in terms of both countries withdrawing is that they will be forced to face each other in a Test match, while the World Cup will take place without them.

Australia and New Zealand really have no doubt. In fact, both coaches, Mal Meninga and Michael Maguire, have insisted they can face each other during a Test match during the event, as they have announced their departure by demanding a World Cup postponement. A provocation to the IRL indicated that sanctions and legal action would be initiated if the match took place. Nonetheless, both coaches believe the event will be postponed to 2022, but the English will not accept the cost of the postponement, which is estimated at nearly $ 48 million.

For now, the World Cup and the organizers are looking for the best solution, but this announcement further complicates the relationship between the two machines and the rest of the world.

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