May 23, 2022

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Rumor: Square Enix is ​​preparing to be bought by PlayStation

Rumor: Square Enix is ​​preparing to be bought by PlayStation

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Today, the news that shocked the electronic entertainment industry was given by The Embracer Group when it revealed that it had bought several Western studios from Square Enix. After this announcement, there has been a lot of speculation about the future of this Japanese company, and rumors indicate that it will be preparing for a possible acquisition by one of the most important Japanese video game companies.

Following the deal between Square Enix and Embracer Group, fans were quick to ask Sony and Microsoft to buy the remainder of Square Enix, and evidence suggests that one of their requests may come true.

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Will you buy Sony Square Enix?

We say this because famous whistleblower and journalist Jeff Grob spoke about this acquisition and provided some interesting details he’s heard in recent months. According to Grubb, he knew there were “big rumors” circulating that Sony was about to buy Square Enix.

However, Grubb advocated taking this with reservations, noting that these kinds of deals might not pay off moment to moment or even come out unexpectedly: “But I can’t confirm that. And I still don’t know (…) Either way, now they know as much as I do.”

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Square Enix will prepare for an impending purchase

Grob stated that it was impossible to confirm this due to the uncertainty surrounding these agreements, about which no one wanted to give information because he could go to prison: “Once, someone was going to tell me about Bethesda [que se vendería a Microsoft] If I had guessed it first, but I expected like any other publisher under the sun and didn’t say Bethesda,” Grob recalls. However, the insider believes, “Square Enix is ​​trying to position itself as best it can for acquisition.” “

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As Grubb points out, it is important to take all of this as a possibility rather than a concrete thing. However, we remind you that this informant is one of the most accurate sources in the video game industry when it comes to leaks, having proven on multiple occasions that he had reliable sources who provided him with unofficial information that ended up being confirmed days after weeks or years.

Another detail to consider is that PlayStation has reiterated that it will continue to buy studios and is even looking for employees to make it happen. We will keep you informed.

What do you think of this information? Do you think PlayStation is preparing to buy Square Enix? Tell us in the comments.

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