August 7, 2022

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Russia satisfied with Putin-Biden talks

Russia satisfied with Putin-Biden talks

Biden calls on diplomatic channels to ease tensions with Russia

“We are satisfied with the communication and the conversations that took place because they were candid, important and tangible. I can say in general that the approach to this conversation was very constructive.”

In the 50-minute dialogue, the two leaders agreed that negotiations with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Moscow’s security guarantees would be conducted through three channels.

Ushakov briefly indicated after the conclusion of the talks that the first method includes talks between the delegations of the two countries in Geneva.

He indicated that the other plan will be for the Russian side to meet with NATO representatives in Brussels and with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna.

The Russian presidential adviser considered that the US president is ready to understand his country’s concerns about its security guarantees, which were reflected in the two documents that were transferred to Washington and the NATO headquarters.

“It seems to me that Biden has made it very clear that Washington understands Russia’s concerns, even though he also has his own,” he said.

He stressed that the two presidents agreed on the importance of continuing the dialogue and stressed that they would enhance the negotiations conducted by the delegations of the two countries’ ministries, which will meet on January 10 in Geneva.

According to the Russian official, Putin made it clear to Biden that the Kremlin would respond to the West’s deployment of offensive weapons near Russia’s borders, in the same way that Washington would be in a similar situation.

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He explained that the President of the White House confirmed that the North American country had no intention of deploying offensive weapons in Ukraine.

He stressed that “it is very important that President Biden emphasized several times during the conversation that a nuclear war cannot be started or won,” taking into account that the two countries have the largest nuclear potential in the world.

Ushakov warned that the Russian president made clear during the dialogue the possibility of a complete break in relations between their two countries and with the West in general if “unprecedented sanctions” are imposed that are threatened by his American counterpart.

Biden noted during the exchange that “if the escalation continues along the border with Ukraine, Western countries will impose wide-ranging sanctions”, including in the economic and military spheres.

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