November 30, 2023

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Saltstraumen Fjord or the strongest whirlpool in the world

Saltstraumen Fjord or the strongest whirlpool in the world

The Saltstraumen Fjord is about 3 kilometers long and only 150 meters wide, so suitable conditions exist for large water currents to move within it.
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Today we will talk about one of the most dangerous and amazing marine phenomena in Europe. So, We will have to travel to Norway To see, Specifically to its northern coast, where the Saltstraumen Strait is locatedBetween the islands of Strommen and Stromoia.

The strongest tidal current in the world

Here we will find the largest marine whirlpool in the world on this planet. Which, far from being a simple “vortex”, is actually the most powerful tidal current on Earth.

Her technical name is “turmoil”, The term comes from the Dutch language and actually combines two words: The word “malen”, which means to grind or crush, and the word “stroom”, which would be translated into Spanish as “current”.

When these eddies grow large and become dangerous, they are called “vortexes.”

Given its definition, one can imagine the scale of the phenomenon: Fast-flowing currents in the middle of the ocean spin in different directions uncontrollably, causing them to collide with each other Rotating one around the other to form vortices of different sizes.

One from Norway holds the Guinness World Record

It’s about a A phenomenon that appears several times a day when the tide is receding. So the currents become much faster. And at that moment when A A large amount of water (up to 5000 litres) rushes into the Saltstraumen Fjord, With the peculiarity that its dimensions are not particularly large, as it is only about 150 meters wide.

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Every six hours, due to the changing tide, approximately 500,000 liters of water enter or exit daily at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

At its peak, vortices up to 10 meters in diameter and 5 meters deep can be produced. Being especially dangerous for small boats. In recent history, it is estimated that the dangerous current has killed 60 people.

Visiting it with a full moon is the best option

Since this phenomenon occurs when the tide is out, it is obvious The best time to visit is when there is a new moon or full moon. Even after three days is also a good option, Especially when the current is at its highest.

And this is it toThe difference between high and low tide can reach up to three metres. Which makes it a real sight.

They are as common as they are difficult to track

Despite what we may think, These types of natural phenomena are more common than we think, But what surrounds this aura of mystery is that recording and tracking it is very complicated.

The main reason is that they are formed when… Cold water, which is also heavier, slips under warmer (and therefore lighter) water, creating high-velocity ocean currents. The severity of which depends on many different factors.