August 15, 2022

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Salud studies the case of a teacher from Granada who does not want to wear a mask in class

Salud studies the case of a teacher from Granada who does not want to wear a mask in class

The Provincial Commissariat for Health and Families is solving the case of a teacher who teaches in an educational center in Granada and does not want to wear a mask in class. Is the data provided by Health, which indicates that an attempt is underway to resolve the case, which occurred at the beginning of this school year. As in the previous school year, the use of masks is mandatory for teachers at all educational levels and for students from the first year of primary school. This only case confirmed by the delegation is an exception within a group of More than 12,000 workersOf them, 7034 teachers and 5083 teachers are in institutes in the province of Granada, according to the data provided by the delegate of Education and Sports Ana Berocal, in the successive beginnings of classes in the different educational stages.

According to the regulations currently in force in educational centers in Granada, the use of a mask is mandatory. Ministry document Health prevention, hygiene and reinforcement measures From Health for Education Centers in the 2021/2022 school year states that measures such as proper use of a mask are “confirmed as necessary to prevent transmission in the educational setting.” Thus, the use of this face protection has been established as a basic principle of infection prevention in schools and institutes even if the distance between people is greater than one and a half meters.

In “controlled” outdoor activities in which social distance can be maintained “it may be beneficial not to use a mask during this activity” by the students and the teacher, although this assessment must take into account the “situation” epidemicOutside of this specific case, the mask has been shown to be mandatory for “all teachers.” However, it has been shown that in the case of teachers who “cannot use the mask due to any of the exemptions,” an individual assessment will be made by occupational hazard prevention services. These exceptions receive medical approval, since their use can only be allowed if face shields are contraindicated by pathology.

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The case of Granada was analyzed in order to manage it, as indicated by the health delegation. Along with education, they form a committee to monitor the measures implemented to prevent infection.