November 30, 2023

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Santi and Chaco Jimenez convinced Osama Al-Idrissi to come to Pachuca

Santi and Chaco Jimenez convinced Osama Al-Idrissi to come to Pachuca

Omar Flores AldanaSeptember 19, 2023 at 7:44 PM ETReading: 2 minutes.

In a chat with ESPN, Pachuca president Armando Martinez shared what the process of signing the former Feyenoord striker was like.

mexico — Osama Al-Idrissi Ask for advice Santi Jimenez And his father “Chako”before signing with Pachuca. The Dutch striker, a naturalized Moroccan, approached his former teammate FeyenoordTo ask for references Tuzos And from Mexican Leaguebefore embarking on the adventure in Mexico.

“The player, to convince him to come Mexicospeak with Santi JimenezHe asked what it was PachucaThe club president admitted, saying: “Santi told him what everyone knows, that he grew up here, that his father was an idol here, and that it was a family business, and that is what convinced him to come here.” Pachuca, Armando Martinezin an interview with espn.

Pachuca Follow the striker who also played in Seville From Spain before signing him, and among those who gave good signals to the striker was Christian “Chaco” Jimenezdad Santi.

Oussama El Idrissi shares the pitch with Chaquito at Feyenoord.EFE/EPA/Maurice van Steen

“My team was following him, my football intelligence team. We made contact with them, and we moved forward. My sporting director, Freddie Altieri, spoke to ‘Chaco Jimenez He also gave us excellent player references. he “Chako” He explained his comment because we advanced in the negotiations. Armando Martinez.

Al-Idrisi He is a player who had a football career in the Netherlands and Spain, and played in A-League teams Seville And based on AjaxIn addition to his experience in the Moroccan national team. He is now targeting Mexican football, with the promise of opening doors for a return to Europe, if given the opportunity on the Old Continent.

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“He is a great player, he has a very good CV and he competed at a high level of competition. We hope that he will contribute a lot for us and work well, we need people to help the children stick together, mature and grow, which is what the Mexican player needs,” explained the federation president. . Pachuca.

If the international transport certificate arrives within the next few hours, Al-Idrisi May be available for the first time with Pachucaone of the most prominent reinforcements at Apertura 2023