February 23, 2024

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“Many things have changed.”  Xbox CEO Phil Spencer responds to Microsoft’s massive leak and announces they will reveal their ‘real plans’ in the future – Xbox Series  Yes

“Many things have changed.” Xbox CEO Phil Spencer responds to Microsoft’s massive leak and announces they will reveal their ‘real plans’ in the future – Xbox Series Yes

Microsoft’s head of gaming posted a tweet in which he expressed his regret for what happened, and promises big announcements in the future.

It will go down in video game history as one of the biggest leaks the company has ever suffered. Those responsible for X-Box Over the past few hours I’ve seen how different projects, email threads, etc. are Confidential documents Shared with the public. It is clear that the reason for this situation is an error on the part of the company itself. Microsoft When managing this information. However, this goes beyond simply assigning blame. The scope is so unusual that it led to a reaction from Phil Spencer. Microsoft’s head of gaming has almost broken down what it is The golden rule in companies: Do not respond to this type of information leakage.

The leaked documents do not (fully) reflect the reality of Xbox

Phil Spencer responded via a tweet in which he expressed his regret for the situation. “We’ve seen conversations about old emails and documents. It’s hard to see our team’s work being shared in this way because Many things have changed. There are a lot of things to be excited about, both now and in the future. “We will share our real plans when we are ready,” he said. Of course, he did not go into detail when it came to confirming or denying certain leaks. We’ll have to find out as the announcements come that he himself is talking about. Internal company message shared by The Verge, the Xbox header is positioned in the same vein. “I know it’s disappointing, even though many of the documents are more than a year old and our plans have evolved,” she said.

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Leaks have various negative consequences for companies. First of all, it can be a problem when working freely on projects. “Leaks” provide incomplete information, sometimes generating unrealistic expectations in consumers. them too Chaos for marketing campaigns. The sudden effect of the ads fades away. Yes the next day Game prizes It has been announced Disrespectful 3 We’ll celebrate it in style, but we probably won’t be as surprised as we would have been if this information leak hadn’t happened.

This is how Phil Spencer responded to the leaks

And that needs to be said too Xbox has come out relatively well From all this. Far from having to readjust its plans due to leaks, the company’s internal communications gave a very human and true picture of the participants. Stories like Idea of ​​buying Nintendo And put the next Mario in Game arcade Since day one. However, nothing goes beyond being a rarity that will fill collections of curiosities within a few years. Moreover, the company has become the center of the universe if we talk about video games.

There are also reasons to be excited about new Xbox projects. If anything becomes clear, it’s this There is a plan. Maybe it will change or it has already happened, but the company has a very long-term commitment. They’re not going to jump off the video game ship because they didn’t do well last year or because of it redfall It is far from your expectations. They pivot, adjust, and keep trying. This console war thing caught me by surprise when I was too young for the Sega vs. Nintendo experience and too old for the PlayStation vs. Xbox issue. What I do know is that if the video game industry is going to continue to operate as it has so far, the best thing for everyone is for the forces to be balanced.

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In 3D games | The massive Xbox leak is not the FTC’s fault. It was Microsoft that made a mistake in managing its confidential documents.

In 3D games | This is what Xbox will look like in 2030. Counting Game Pass subscriptions, mobile transactions and more, Microsoft expects $36 billion in revenue.