November 30, 2023

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Speeches by Lula, Biden, Petro, Diaz-Canel and more

Speeches by Lula, Biden, Petro, Diaz-Canel and more

Biden intends to advance his global agenda at the United Nations even if key leaders do not attend the meeting

Image archive. President Joe Biden delivers a speech in Virginia Beach, Virginia, on February 28. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images/File)

The White House is dismissing concerns that the UN General Assembly will not have much political influence this year. President Joe Biden will address Tuesday before an audience that will miss several key heads of state.

A senior administration official told reporters that Biden, in his address to the 78th UN General Assembly, “will explain to the world the steps he and his administration have taken to work with others to solve the most serious challenges the world faces.”

“He will present his vision of how countries, working within reformed and modernized international institutions, can build on their efforts to end conflicts, uphold human rights and the rule of law, and help countries develop their economies,” he added. the official.

Biden is also expected to address the “significant foreign policy successes” of his presidency, and defend America’s role in the world ahead of the 2024 presidential campaign. As the president seeks a second term, there is some concern among world leaders about what role that role plays. It may seem that way after next year’s elections.

Biden and Netanyahu will meet on Wednesday and, according to a senior official, “will discuss a series of bilateral and regional issues focused on the shared democratic values ​​between our two countries and a vision for a more stable, prosperous, and integrated region.” In addition to comparing notes on how to effectively confront and deter Iran.

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But with the high-profile absences of Russia, China, France and the United Kingdom — all permanent members of the UN Security Council — the Biden administration will shift to a lower level of engagement with key allies and adversaries, all of whom hope to raise America’s profile. On global infrastructure, food security, democratic values, and territorial sovereignty.