December 6, 2023

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Jesús Adrian Romero retires from the stage for emotional health reasons and cancels a tour in Peru

Jesús Adrian Romero retires from the stage for emotional health reasons and cancels a tour in Peru

Jesus Adrian RomeroOne of the most important contemporary Christian music singers announced his presence on social media He will withdraw temporarily Of the scenarios due to emotional health problems. He had scheduled performances in Peru and other Latin American countries as part of his “Terrenal Tour”.

He explained in a lengthy statement that he needs to rest and take care of his mental health so that he can continue writing music and presenting his art to the public. According to him, cancel him Concerts in Lima, Trujillo, Arequipa And other cities on the continent it was a difficult decision, but necessary for their well-being.

Romero, who is 58 years old and hails from Mexico, expressed his gratitude to his fans for the support and understanding he received after announcing his position.

Jesús Adrian Romero has concerts scheduled in Peru. | Spread

On his official accounts, the translator of “You Are Here,” “Stay with Me,” “Be,” “Give Me Your Eyes,” and “Somni” published an expanded text accompanied by a picture of his piano. The artist described the photo he posted and then wrote the announcement to his fans and organizers.

He stated that the show that was held in Ciudad de Juarez was the last show he gave and that he will not give any other shows in the remainder of 2023. It should be noted that this On September 29 he was to play in the military department of Peru, In the Jesús Maria area.

“On the subject of emotional health, the past year has been difficult and I have to admit that I am not completely well. A set of situations led me to a period of emotional vulnerability that required a truce from me,” the singer said.

Jesús Adrian Romero, Christian music singer. | Instagram

He then thanked him for all the expressions of affection shown by his fans throughout his career and dedication to music. He stressed that seeing his followers chanting his songs filled him with strength and joy.

“I enjoyed every moment on stage, especially seeing and hearing them sing. They renewed my strength, thank you. I know I will miss them, but the call now to rest and take my mental health seriously has become stronger,” Jesús Adrián Romero added.

Posted by Jesús Adrian Romero on Facebook. | capture/facebook

Jesus Adrian Romero He also pointed out the tickets that fans had purchased to see him live. He explained that it will be returned and will be implemented in prior coordination between producers in each country.

The Christian artist noted, “In the coming days, local producers will send information about refunding their tickets.”

His music followers sent him messages of support after the publication and wished him a speedy recovery. As is known, many people, including artists and public figures, suffered in silence from similar problems. The case of Romero, who shared his condition, would help break down the stigma and shame associated with the disorder.

Jesús Adrian Romero in concert. | Instagram

Users interacted with the message with empowering messages. “Every day your music strengthens me, I hope everything will be fine soon “So you keep giving us that special music,” one follower said.

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“I bear witness to you that this is how it will be, that everything will be fine, and that pausing along the way is the best thing to come back stronger. God bless your process and the professionals who will help you,” another Internet user added.

“You will be fine, God has his eyes on you. Rest physically, mentally and emotionally. You will leave rejuvenated. Blessings from Puerto Rico,” another fan added in the comments box of the Instagram post.

Messages to Jesús Adrian Romero from users. | capture/facebook