June 20, 2024

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Sapphire is a mining graph with two RX 570 . inside

Sapphire is a mining graph with two RX 570 . inside

new pictures Posted in Saraba1st Chinese Forum It revealed that Sapphire is preparing new graphics mining with two RX 570s inside, to get twice the mining power with a single PCI-Express slot.

From what we see in the pictures, it uses an oddly shaped cooling fan, and since it’s not geared towards gaming, it has a single HDMI output on its I/O. Also, its power connectors are on the back of the PCB rather than the top, making it easy to connect to mining rigs, which is an interesting design decision on Sapphire’s part.

In terms of its performance, each GPU offers around 30M/s with a consumption of 78W, so in total it provides around 60M/s with a consumption of 156W, being no more efficient than the same RTX 3060 Ti or RX 6800 that the user is also using. This image was leaked, since they both achieve a similar hash rate with a consumption of around 120 watts. However, its price can make a difference and make it more convenient.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on pricing or availability since it’s just images leaked on Twitter, although this model appears to be practically ready, so we could see an official announcement soon. We will keep you posted on future news.

What do you think of this ruby ​​graphic with two RX 570 inside?

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